Top 5 cricketers with the weirdest hairstyles

We have seen them humiliate bowlers with some humongous shots and send the ball out of the park many a time. We have seen some of them render the batsman utterly clueless with their clever slow deliveries or lightning fast speed. We even remember some of them for their amazing agility on the field. Every time they take the ground, they leave us stumped with their talent and their game. However, there is more to them than just cricket, they have millions of fans and everything they do becomes an instant style statement.

So instead of their on field antics, let’s analyse and choose the top 5 cricketers with weirdest hairstyles. A few, like Andrew Russell, Jason Gillespie and our very own Ishant Sharma came pretty close but these five players, mentioned below, stand out for the impact they manage to create on the field and the hairstyle they adorn with it.

5) Sunil Narine

Sunil Narine and his Mohawk

Sunil Narine and his Mohawk


The mystery spinner, with his clever variations, has been foxing the batsmen for quite some time now. But leaving his bowling aside, his funny hairstyle is equally mysterious and is one of its kind. Though one could say that it is a Mohawk but unlike the classic “Beckham Mohawk”, this one looks to be crashing into each other from the sides before curling on the top.

In his own words, he has been wearing it for 5-6 years now and it is easy to maintain and he isn’t looking to change it anytime soon. The hairstyle is quite unlike him in reality for he is said to be an extremely down to earth, shy and introvert personality in the dressing room but the West Indians are known for their funky hairstyles and this one certainly fits the bill in every sense. So long as he keeps on picking up wickets, nobody is complaining.

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