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    Gautam Viswanathan: Thank you all for tuning in. I've been Gautam Viswanathan. Until next time, goodbye, goodnight and take care.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Here are the rest of the scores as they come in: Celtic 2-1 Ajax, AC Milan 1-1 Barcelona, Rapid Vienna 0-3 Atletico Madrid, Porto 0-1 Zenit, Marseille 1-2 Napoli, Schalke 0-3 Chelsea, Arsenal 1-2 Dortmund
    Gautam Viswanathan: Not the best of birthdays for Arsene Wenger. surely.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Arteta's drive is blocked by Subotic. And so it ends. Arsenal 1-2 Dortmund is the way it ends in North London. Truth be told, they deserved it.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Less than a minute to go. If Arsenal need to score, they need to do it now.
    Gautam Viswanathan: The reason Arsenal have not won this game is because they started both halves poorly. Dortmund did.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Mertesacker and Ozil try to get something going. Dortmund though with plenty back.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Into stoppage time now
    Gautam Viswanathan: Dortmund now just keeping possession by the corner flag. The rain is pelting down in North London and it isn't improving things for the Arsenal fans inside the stadium.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Can Arsenal pull level? They don't have a lot of time to do it, and the wind seems to have slightly gone out of their sails.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Sokratis Papasthatopoulos has come on for the excellent Marco Reus. Serge Gnabry replaces Rosicky.
    Gautam Viswanathan: There is a second change here. Aaron Ramsey comes off for Nicklas Bendtner
    Gautam Viswanathan: Dortmund win a free kick on the right. Reus whips it goalwards but Koscielny heads clear.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Can Arsenal come from behind again?
    Gautam Viswanathan: Kevin Grosskreutz's laser guided cross finds the onrushing Lewandowski who is not picked up by Sagna, and he lashes the ball home at the first time of asking. It's 2-1 to Dortmund with seven minutes to go!
    Gautam Viswanathan: Not Lewandowski though! He's just made it 2-1!
    Gautam Viswanathan: Sagna's cross is wayward. Aubameyang's clearance falls straight to Giroud who muffs his header
    Gautam Viswanathan: Free kick Dortmund, who are content in seeing down the clock.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Giroud's header is wayward, and Weidenfeller does get to the ball before the onrushing Cazorla can. The Spaniard though went forward as more of an afterthought.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Dortmund look ragged now. But Klopp would surely take the point.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Gibbs, Arteta, Cazorla, to Ramsey, but Subotic intercepts
    Gautam Viswanathan: Arsenal keeping the ball...they now want to win this game
    Gautam Viswanathan: Once again, it's that Spanish-German axis that is causing problems
    Gautam Viswanathan: Cazorla and Ozil combine beautifully again. The Spaniard has a shot blocked from just inside the area
    Gautam Viswanathan: Lewandowski had Aubameyang and Reus running down the flanks. Again, Koscielny was the man who halted proceedings.
    Gautam Viswanathan: The game now getting increasingly stretched
    Gautam Viswanathan: Cazorla does well to find Arteta. Arteta to Sagna, Sagna to Ozil, Ozil to Ramsey, which comes to nothing
    Gautam Viswanathan: Dortmund already content to just hoof the ball forward. There's a good 20 minutes left, you know
    Gautam Viswanathan: Ozil was screaming for the ball there from Cazorla. He was in all sorts of space but the Spaniard found Giroud, who was marked by two centre-backs
    Gautam Viswanathan: Finally, this game is opening up after what has been a very pedestrian affair. 'Who loves the Arsenal? We do' rings around the stadium.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Bender meanwhile has been booked for a previous foul
    Gautam Viswanathan: Ramsey pressurises Subotic and the Serbian is forced to hand possession to his goalkeeper.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Reus is denied by Arteta. His ball finds Cazorla. Cazorla to Ozil, Ozil to Gibbs, but Weidenfeller deals with it
    Gautam Viswanathan: So close! Cazorla blasts his curler against the crossbar. Agonising!
    Gautam Viswanathan: Dortmund have meanwhile made a double change. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Jonas Hoffman have come on for Jakub Blaszczykowski and Henrikh Mkhitaryan
    Gautam Viswanathan: Nuri Sahin's free kick is aimed at Mats Hummels. It comes to nothing.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Funnily enough, Hummels has pushed his own man and Mertesacker looks bewildered. Ramsey does fire home but it obviously won't count
    Gautam Viswanathan: It's aimed at Mertesacker, but the referee has blown for a foul.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Sagna, Rosicky and Ozil combine. The German forces a corner
    Gautam Viswanathan: The goal kick is aimed at Lewandowski, but he looks to be a little too excited in getting to the ball. He elbows Koscielny and is booked
    Gautam Viswanathan: Lovely move from Arsenal. Gibbs finds Cazorla making a run. His low cross searches for Giroud but Weidenfeller is alert
    Gautam Viswanathan: Rosicky with a flighted ball. Schmelzer clears
    Gautam Viswanathan: Kloop meanwhile is looking decisively peeved. His team might've been more efficient with him on the pitch
    Gautam Viswanathan: And Cazorla gets into the game immediately. His pinged ball finds Ozil out wide. The German evades his marker to try and tee up the lurking Giroud in the box
    Gautam Viswanathan: Marcel Schmelzer was the better option there: he'd made a run to the back post
    Gautam Viswanathan: Kuba flights a ball into the box and tries to find Lewandowski. Mertesacker puts enough pressure on the ball to dissuade the striker.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Arsenal Substitution: 58': Cazorla (on), Wilshere (off)
    Gautam Viswanathan: It's Santi Cazorla time. Wilshere is the man who is replaced
    Gautam Viswanathan: The German should have done better. That was the fourth chance he's spurned
    Gautam Viswanathan: Dortmund seem to be showing them how it's done. Grosskreutz with a golden opportunity to give his team the lead again, but the ball bobbles towards Szczesny
    Gautam Viswanathan: But Arsenal's midfield has not clicked so far. Where are Ozil and Ramsey?
    Gautam Viswanathan: Dortmund defend is sixes and sevens there as Wilshere runs forward. Despite three defenders around him, the visitors look very nervy
    Gautam Viswanathan: Rosicky meanwhile is booked for his earlier challenge
    Gautam Viswanathan: Arsene Wenger looked very unhappy in the first half, brow furrowed and all. Why then have his team begin this game the same way?
    Gautam Viswanathan: Sahin finds Lewandowski who looks for Reus. He peels away from Mertesacker but Koscielny deals with the young German
    Gautam Viswanathan: Methinks Arsenal will take some time to settle in this time as well. I could be wrong though
    Gautam Viswanathan: Koscielny once again was there
    Gautam Viswanathan: Here comes Grosskreutz looking for Reus, who'd worked the channels
    Gautam Viswanathan: It's played all the way back to Weidenfeller
    Gautam Viswanathan: Dortmund meanwhile have another free kick
    Gautam Viswanathan: Sorry...that's BBC
    Gautam Viswanathan: This just in from Phil McNulty of the BBC: As ever, Borussia Dortmund's fans fantastic. Just a shamethe charismatic Klopp not on the touchline or their picture would be complete.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Dortmund have begun the second half brightly, in much the same manner they began the first
    Gautam Viswanathan: Dortmund attack twice in quick succession. Koscielny halts a Grosskreutz run before he can tee up Lewandowski and then Gibbs shepherds the ball away from Mkhitaryan
    Gautam Viswanathan: Free kick Dortmund. Arteta scythes down Mkhitaryan
    Gautam Viswanathan: And we return to North London
    Gautam Viswanathan: This just in from Tom Williams of the AFP: If there's a prize for Best Technique for Volleying the Ball into an Empty Net from Two Yards Out, Olivier Giroud just won it.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Stay with us for second-half action
    Gautam Viswanathan: Celtic 1-0 Ajax, Milan 1-1 Barcelona, Schalke 04 0-1 Chelsea, Porto 0-0 Zenit, Basel 0-0 Steaua, Arsenal 1-1 Dortmund, Marseille 0-1 Napoli
    Gautam Viswanathan: And Celtic lead against Ajax - two very renowned European teams - courtesy James Forrest's 43rd minute penalty
    Gautam Viswanathan: Raul Garcia and Diego Costa have scored in Vienna to give Atletico Madrid a 2-0 lead against Wien in Central Europe
    Gautam Viswanathan: It's goalless between FC Porto and Zenit St. Petersburg while Steaua and Basel are also scoreless in Switzerland
    Gautam Viswanathan: Chelsea lead 1-0 against Schalke, with Fernando Torres scoring on the road. You may now gasp.
    Gautam Viswanathan: At the San Siro, however, it is level. Robinho gave Milan the lead inside ten minutes, only for Lionel Messi (who else?) to equalise after 23 minutes
    Gautam Viswanathan: Jose Callejon's goal at the Stade Velodrome gives Napoli a 1-0 lead against Marseille
    Gautam Viswanathan: Stay tuned for score updates from the rest of the games on air tonight
    Gautam Viswanathan: Henrikh Mkhitaryan opened the scoring for the visitors in the 16th minute, but Arsenal scored a goal out of nothing with five minutes remaining in the half
    Gautam Viswanathan: I don't mind. Dortmund began the game very well, Arsenal ended the half as the better team
    Gautam Viswanathan: Here come Arsenal again. Wilshere drives forward but Subotic takes care
    Gautam Viswanathan: There have been questions raised over Dortmund's defenders in the past. Those questions are the reason Arsenal equalised today
    Gautam Viswanathan: 'We're by far the greatest team' echoes around the stadium. Dortmund fans are subdued
    Gautam Viswanathan: Dortmund have had only one win in 11 on the road in the UEFA Champions League. How will this game end?
    Gautam Viswanathan: Arsenal now a lot more comfortable in possession
    Gautam Viswanathan: Sagna launches it long, but Hummels is there
    Gautam Viswanathan: Another throw-in to Arsenal
    Gautam Viswanathan: ....because Reus has fired a shot into Row Z
    Gautam Viswanathan: The home crowd cheer...
    Gautam Viswanathan: Weidenfeller misjudged the cross and Giroud snuck in between him and Hummels to blast home the equaliser. 1-1 with five minutes to go
    Gautam Viswanathan: GOAL! And his hanging cross finds Giroud! Game on!
    Gautam Viswanathan: Now there's a bit more bite. Ozil and Sagna combine with Ramsey, the Frenchman gets the ball back!
    Gautam Viswanathan: Surely they will target Mats Hummels, who already has a yellow card
    Gautam Viswanathan: Dortmund deal with it though, but the Gunners are crackling to life
    Gautam Viswanathan: So close for Arsenal! Giroud's attempted cutback to Jack Wilshere finds Rosicky, who spears a shot goalward
    Gautam Viswanathan: Mkhitaryan gallops forward, Gibbs with the intereception
    Gautam Viswanathan: Arteta finds Ramsey, who tries to backheel the ball to Wilshere. But once again Dortmund clear
    Gautam Viswanathan: The Gunners truth be told have looked stodgy. That hoiked pass from Rosicky to Wilshere says it all
    Gautam Viswanathan: Dortmund continue to pierce Arsenal with their rapier thrusts. Reus sprints goalwards to make it 2-0 following good work from Schmelzer but Szczesny gathers
    Gautam Viswanathan: DialSquare_1886 has a different attitude though: Dortmund ain't pushovers. We all knew this would be our toughest game to date, simmer down.
    Gautam Viswanathan: I have to agree with Gunnerblog on Twitter here: ‏@gunnerblog. Sagna has been our best outlet but has struggled to provide accurate crosses. Ozil has barely been in the game.
    Gautam Viswanathan: And as I type that in, Sagna fires a cross goalwards, but it's too close to Weidenfeller
    Gautam Viswanathan: Dortmund are not giving Arsenal any space
    Gautam Viswanathan: This is like watching champagne football even if it doesn't hit the spot
    Gautam Viswanathan: Wilshere is going to soldier on.
    Gautam Viswanathan: He looks injured and in a bad way
    Gautam Viswanathan: For his troubles, Wilshere seems to be on the ground
    Gautam Viswanathan: Chance for Arsenal there! Rosicky floats a ball to the scampering Wilshere who can only poke it wide as Weidenfeller does well to close him down
    Gautam Viswanathan: Chance for Arsenal!
    Gautam Viswanathan: Klopp doesn't like it
    Gautam Viswanathan: Lewandowski was peeling away from Mertesacker there, but the Pole fouls the German in the process.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Sagna and Ramsey combine to get the ball forward. Throw in is given Arsenal's way
    Gautam Viswanathan: It is the visitors who have the majority of the possession, even if they are only shading it, 51 to 49 per cent
    Gautam Viswanathan: Dortmund come forward again. Plenty of keepy uppy between Grosskreutz and Lewandowski but Arsenal get the ball to safety
    Gautam Viswanathan: Weidenfeller was not all there. Gaffe could have cost Dortmund but no harm done
    Gautam Viswanathan: Dortmund allowing Arsenal to attack now
    Gautam Viswanathan: Arsenal now with a little more directness. Giroud is narrowly offside again. Hummels has been booked for his foul on the Frenchman
    Gautam Viswanathan: The ball did come off Sven Bender last, though. It should have been a corner.
    Gautam Viswanathan: But his header balloons over the bar
    Gautam Viswanathan: Ozil's free kick is good, and finds Koscielny.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Ozil stands over this free kick
    Gautam Viswanathan: Giroud cuts in from the right and is felled by Mats Hummels. Juuust outside the penalty area.
    Gautam Viswanathan: That was a wonky cross from the right. Arsenal have to do better
    Gautam Viswanathan: The Arsenal Stadium is not all that loud at the moment
    Gautam Viswanathan: He was offside anyway
    Gautam Viswanathan: Wilshere finds Giroud, but the ball finds the big Frenchman's back
    Gautam Viswanathan: The Dortmund fans meanwhile have gone a bit mental. 3,500 yellow clad supporters are jumping up and down
    Gautam Viswanathan: This is only the second time the Gunners have conceded first this season. Can they bounce back? They are going to need more incisiveness
    Gautam Viswanathan: Arsenal 0-1 Dortmund
    Gautam Viswanathan: And it has happened! Ramsey tries to dribble just outside his area, Reus picks the ball off him and feed the Armenian, who makes no mistake in slotting home at Szczesny's near post
    Gautam Viswanathan: GOAL! Henrikh Mkhitariyan
    Gautam Viswanathan: Truth be told, this is the first major test the Gunners have faced this season, even if that pass from Hummels fails to find Reus whatsoever
    Gautam Viswanathan: 'I want some more.' There is some more: Reus flashes a shot wide
    Gautam Viswanathan: If you're a Dortmund fan, you'll recall Oliver Twist now
    Gautam Viswanathan: Mkhitaryan brings the ball forward into the Arsenal box, who needs Arteta to track him back all the way.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Danger close for Arsenal there!
    Gautam Viswanathan: Could Arsenal's lack of any natural width hurt them today? Dortmund have two world-class wingers on the pitch
    Gautam Viswanathan: But Sagna's pass to Ramsey is met by the wrong number 16
    Gautam Viswanathan: Finally Arsenal get forward
    Gautam Viswanathan: Arsenal look a little disjointed at the moment. Rosicky and Ozil's touches seem to be off in the opening ten minutes. Yes, I said Ozil.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Klopp seems to have instructed his boys well. They are the ones doing all the attacking
    Gautam Viswanathan: Per Mertesacker halts that advance at the edge of the box
    Gautam Viswanathan: Schmelzer and Lewandowski combine to bring the ball forward.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Meanwhile, it's Dortmund who attack
    Gautam Viswanathan: How many of you will be picking up a copy of Sir Alex Ferguson's autobiography? Amazon are offering a 55% discount. I think.
    Gautam Viswanathan: This game would be the perfect ending to what has been a significant day in terms of football
    Gautam Viswanathan: Slight reshuffle here: Rosicky and Ozil swap positions. The former Dortmund man will play through the middle behind Olivier Giroud
    Gautam Viswanathan: The two teams giving up possession almost as soon as they get it here, but this should be an enticing game
    Gautam Viswanathan: First free kick of the game. It goes Arsenal's way
    Gautam Viswanathan: It's his birthday too, but you already knew that
    Gautam Viswanathan: Arsene Wenger's never been one for extravagant celebrations, but he will surely be thrilled if Arsenal win today.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Robert Lewandowksi is Dortmund's top scorer with nine goals. Can Mertesacker and Koscielny keep him quiet?
    Gautam Viswanathan: Arteta and Weidenfeller shaking hands with each other.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Take a tissue and wipe your mouths, people. I know you're salivating!
    Gautam Viswanathan: Here are the players! Ce sont les meilleures equipes
    Gautam Viswanathan: And the Champions League anthem wafts through the stadium
    Gautam Viswanathan: No one's told the Dortmund fans that they are away. I don't think they're bothered either way
    Gautam Viswanathan: Klopp seems to have a flicker on a smile on his grizzled visage
    Gautam Viswanathan: Wow! Requiem for a dream playing at the Arsenal stadium
    Gautam Viswanathan: This promises to be an extremely entertaining game. The last time Arsenal entertained Dortmund, the hosts won 2-1, a brace from Robin van Persie giving them all three points
    Gautam Viswanathan: Kick-off is only ten minutes away. Do stay tuned
    Gautam Viswanathan: He'll be used to tonight's weather in London: it's a cold 12 degrees and the players can expect a soaking
    Gautam Viswanathan: The referee for tonight's game is Jonas Eriksson, who's from Sweden
    Gautam Viswanathan: Subs: Arsenal: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Monreal, Vermaelen, Cazorla, Gnabry, Bendtner; Dortmund: Langerak, Sokratis, Hoffman, Aubameyang, Scheiber, Kirch, Durm
    Gautam Viswanathan: Dortmund: Weidenfeller (c), Grosskreutz, Hummels, Subotic, Schmelzer, Sahin, Bender, Mkhitariyan, Reus, Blaszczykowski, Lewandowski
    Gautam Viswanathan: Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Rosicky, Arteta (c), Ozil, Wilshere, Ramsey, Giroud
    Gautam Viswanathan: The lineups for the team are out:
    Gautam Viswanathan: Dortmund's biggest miss will be manager Juergen Klopp. The German was sent to the stands in his team's 2-1 loss away at Napoli.
    Gautam Viswanathan: Hello and welcome to tonight's crucial UEFA Champions League match between Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund.
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