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WWE Smackdown Results and News

5 bookings from the SmackDown roster the world is waiting for

These 5 bookings could make SmackDown a must-watch.

Total Bellas, Episode 3: Bryan's Lament

In a "very special episode" of Total Bellas, we explore despair, ignore dictionaries.

WWE Rumours: Vince McMahon against turning John Cena heel

McMahon is not pleased with the idea of his poster boy turning into a heel.

WWE News: How long will The Spirit Squad be on Smackdown Live?

The two members of the Spirit Squad are back in the WWE. But for how long?

WWE News: WWE working on World Women's Classic tournament

Women's Cruiserweight division coming soon?

5 Things that the WWE could do to ensure long-term success

Vince McMahon, are you taking notes?

WWE News: AJ Styles on the difference between being a main eventer in WWE and TNA

The Phenomenal One reveals the difference between being a main eventer in TNA and WWE

WWE News: Two huge matches, Becky Lynch's return set for SmackDown

We may see the precursor to a title match set for the future, and also the return of the leading female of the blue brand

WWE News: James Ellsworth talks about botched Styles Clash

The master of the "No Chin Music" explained how The Phenomenal One saved him.

WWE News: Becky Lynch made her in-ring return at Sioux City last night

Sioux City was the first to witness the return of the Lass Kicking Smackdown Women's Champion

WWE News: Total Bellas viewership sees a big drop

Total Bellas' ratings and viewership drops

Dean Ambrose and Renee Young: The love story that evolved in and around WWE

We look at the love story in WWE that transcends national boundaries - The love story of Dean Ambrose and Renee Young

WWE News: James Ellsworth's WWE status

Is James Ellsworth's dream coming closer and closer?

WWE Rumours: James Ellsworth getting a Royal Rumble spot

Will Little Jimmy Dream get a Rumble spot?

WWE Rumors: John Cena will return for Survivor Series match

The leader of the Cenation will take one stop back in before heading right back out.

5 former World Champions who are huge animal lovers

Let's take a look at some of the former World Champions in WWE who are fond of animals.

WWE News: James Ellsworth wants rematch against Braun Strowman

James Ellsworth sheds light on his future with the WWE

WWE News: AJ Styles reveals he wants to face Shawn Michaels at Royal Rumble

AJ would love to square off against the WWE Hall of Famer.

WWE News: James Ellsworth reveals conversation with Vince McMahon after AJ Styles victory

Vince McMahon rarely showers praise but Ellsworth seems to be the exception.

SKFabe: Daily WWE News, rumors and scoops 22nd October

All the latest from the world of professional wrestling and the WWE Universe.
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