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WWE Smackdown Results and News

5 Booking options for Dean Ambrose following TLC

What's next for Dean Ambrose after losing a WWE Title match at TLC to AJ Styles?

WWE News: Upcoming feuds revealed for Smackdown

The path for Champions at Smackdown revealed.

WWE News: AJ Styles injured at TLC, Dean Ambrose's status unclear

AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose were taken backstage by the trainers following their match.

WWE SmackDown Live Preview: 6th December 2016

What all could happen on SmackDown?

WWE TLC Results: Analysing and Grading each match

AJ and Ambrose stole the show! Ellsworth turned heel.

WWE TLC 2016: Best and Worst

Two title changes, a massive heel turn and some hard hitting action indeed.

WWE TLC 2016 Results live updates, 12/4/16

Follow WWE TLC 12/4/16 live commentary and results here with us.

5 WWE Heel Turns Since 2010 We Didnt See Coming

Over the span of the past few years, there have been a number of instances where WWE has caught fans off guard.

WWE Top Five rumors of the week and analysis: December 5th, 2016

WWE looking to emulate Conor McGregor's feat, a legend returns and much more.

WWE Rumors: Mauro Ranallo to leave WWE?

According to Justin LaBar, Ranallo's time with the WWE might be up.

WWE News: WWE left frustrated after John Cena signs for another Hollywood flick

John Cena signs for Kay Cannon's directorial debut, The Pact.

WWE News: James Ellsworth to face AJ Styles for the WWE World Championship this Tuesday

James Ellsworth claims he can beat Styles for the fourth time.

SKFabe: Daily WWE News, rumors and scoops 2nd December

All the latest news and rumors from the world of professional wrestling and the WWE Universe.

SK WWE Power Rankings: December 5th, 2016

Here is how the Power Rankings look after TLC.

WWE News: Booker T and Daniel Bryan share an awkward moment during TLC pre-show!

Booker T's comments about Nikki Bella leaves Bryan bewildered.

10 “Say What?” Moments from WWE SmackDown Live: November 29th 2016

What did Smackdown Live have in store before this Sunday's TLC pay-per-view?

WWE SmackDown Live November 29th: Analysing and Grading Each Segment

AJ Styles finally exacted revenge on James Ellsworth...

5 Botches, slip ups, and outrageous moments from SmackDown Nov 29, 2016

WWE can surely afford working monitors for the Tag Team Champions, right?

WWE News: What happened after Smackdown Live went off the air (29th November 2016)

The biggest SmackDown Live stars teamed up for a match just 5 days before TLC.

WWE News: Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss at TLC is now a Tables match

The Smackdown Women's Championship match has a stipulation added to it.
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