The Sportskeeda Team

Executive Team

Porush Jain (CEO)

If there’s one thing that Porush Jain loves, it is watching an idea take shape and grow into a full-fledged, functional system. Sportskeeda is the brainchild of this enterprising youngster, who also looks after the operating and expansion activities of the site.

Agnel Bankien (Vice President, Sales & Marketing)

Agnel looks after building and growing the footprint, as well as driving monetization and value.

Veer Bahadur (Vice-President, Engineering) 

He gets his share of sports adrenaline on the servers. Be it scaling up, security or linux.


Editorial Team

Musab Abid (Managing Editor)

One of the biggest tennis fans you'll ever get to see. And you don't want to get into an argument with him!

Amreen Bhujwala (Football/WWE Editor)

Arsenal loyalist. Chocolate lover. Obsessive reader. Ardent tweeter. The only girl in the Sportskeeda office.

Alagappan Vijaykumar (Cricket Editor)

Cricket's answer to Jose Mourinho.

Hardik Vyas (Football Editor)

Primarily a football writer but wouldn't hesitate to give his opinion on golf, tennis, cricket and motorsports. Sports is what keeps his life ticking!

Nayyar Abdul Rasheed (Cricket Head)

An engineer-no-more, who wishes to 'study' cricket forever.

Nitin Fernandes (Cricket Editor)

Leeds United supporter, regular Bengaluru FC match-goer, has universally unpopular opinions on cricket.

Pritam Sharma (Football Head)

Writes on walls, tweets, stumbles, hoots and attains karma for a living. Otherwise, banters on football.

Rameez Reza (Football Editor)

Dessert connoisseur. Twitter addict. Manchester United loyalist. Engineering disaster. Pun cracker. Social media analyst.

Rohith Nair (Football Editor)

An ex-techie, but now a Subject Matter Expert on football and basketball. Keen follower of F1 and a sports addict everyone looks up to (literally!).

Vinay Sundar (Football Editor)

Scientist turned sports writer, opinionated football-basketball-F1 follower, loves graphic novels and sports books.

Virendra Karunakar (Indian Sports Editor)

From the football & cricket stadia to the tennis and basketball courts, he's got all the bases covered!


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