The Sportskeeda Team

Executive Team

Porush Jain (CEO)

If there’s one thing that Porush Jain loves, it is watching an idea take shape and grow into a full-fledged, functional system. Sportskeeda is the brainchild of this enterprising youngster, who also looks after the operating and expansion activities of the site.

Shard Sharma  (Vice President, Sales & Marketing)

A sports buff since he was a kid, Shard hopes to be in the thick of things when the sports revolution in India reaches fruition.

Editorial Team

Musab Abid (Managing Editor)

One of the biggest tennis fans you'll ever get to see. And you don't want to get into an argument with him!

Pritam Sharma (Social & Mobile Manager)

Writes on walls, tweets, stumbles, hoots and attains karma for a living. Otherwise, banters on football.

Nitin Fernandes (Social & Mobile Manager)

Leeds United supporter, regular Bengaluru FC match-goer, has universally unpopular opinions on cricket.

Shubham Mazumdar (Social & Mobile Manager)

A game programmer in the making and a big-time Real Madrid supporter, Shubham takes joy in digging up weird stuff from the internet.

Rohith Nair (Senior Editor)

An ex-techie, but now a Subject Matter Expert on football and basketball. Keen follower of F1 and a sports addict everyone looks up to (literally!).

Vinay Sundar (Football Content Manager)

Scientist turned sports writer, opinionated football-basketball-F1 follower, loves graphic novels and sports books.

Collin D'Silva (Football Content Manager)

Finds joy in football, music and beaches. Catch-22 is his favourite book, Harry Potter his favourite series. Thank you for reading.

Martin Joseph Payyapilly (Football Content Manager)

Faizan Qadiri (Indian Football Content Manager)

Narbavie Rajendran (Cricket Head)

Dravid, Ballack and Shawn Michaels introduced him to the holy world of sports and entertainment. Been no looking back ever since for this so-called 'engineer'.

Dipankar Lahiri (Cricket Content Manager)

Obsessed sports enthusiast. On a quest to find moments of heroism in life and sports.

Foma Ramteke (Cricket Content Manager)

If he knows that he is going to die tomorrow, he would still want to hear the cricket scores.

Saransh Gehlot (Indian Sports Head)

Loves all sports (except baseball and golf). Would die for Liverpool and Saina Nehwal. Wants to see India do well in sports. Hates it when people don't like his jokes.

Jai Prakash MR (Indian Sports Content Manager)

A marathon runner and a staunch supporter of Novak Djokovic. Covering sports events gives him a high!

Anuradha Santhanam (Indian Sports Content Manager)

Shankar Narayan (Indian Sports Content Manager)

Ratish Menon (WWE & Combat Sports Content Manager)

Restless soul, knowledge junkie and a lifelong combat sports fan, he is also trying to figure out if WWE is 'really fake'.

Snehartha Dey (WWE & E-Sports Content Manager)

Nitish Uniyal (Hindi Sports Editor)

Nishant Dravid (Hindi Sports Editor)


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