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Arsenal vs Ludogorets Live Score and Commentary

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UEFA Champions League 2016-17

Last updated: Oct 20, 2016 02:06
Oct 20, 2016
 12'   A. Sánchez
 42'   T. Walcott
 46'   A. Oxlade-Chamberlain
 56'   M. Özil
 83'   M. Özil
 87'   M. Özil

Thanks for joining us on this live commentary. Expect our post-match pieces tomorrow morning. 
That's it from the Emirates! Arsenal win the game 6-0 courtesy of a hat trick by Mesut Ozil and goals from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alexis Sanchez and Theo Walcott. 

Peeeeep! Peeeeeep! PEEEEEEEEEP!

90' SHOT! Bellerin lets one loose from outside the box but the keeper saves it well. 
Lucas is through on the right this time and he finds Ozil with a lovely chip for the German to just smash into the net. 
87' GGGGGGGOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLL! Mesut Ozil again! Hattrick for the Gunners! 
86' Ludogorets threaten again but Mustafi stands strong and defends well. 
Lucas gets the ball on the left wing and immediately finds Ozil on the other side. The German's first touch finish is one directed towards the ground to ensure he gets an awkward bounce and it works. Arsenal are 5-0 up against the Bulgarians. 
81' Ozil tries to release Lucas on the break but the weight of the ball carries it just too far out for the Spaniard to catch up. 
79' SHOT! Anicet takes a shot from distance but it's well wide of the post. At least some excitement. 
78' Ludogorets applying the squeeze on Arsenal now who have failed to touch the ball in the last two minutes. 
74' Ozil is brought down in the box but the referee waves away penalty appeals again. 
Lucas Perez likely to move up with the Ox and Iwobi on either side of him. 
73' Arsenal make their final change of the game as Alex Iwobi comes on for Alexis Sanchez. 
69' Substitution: Keseru comes on for Misidjan as Ludogorets make their first change of the night. 
68' CHANCE! Alexis finds Ox with a lovely lob in the box but the Englishman's effort on goal is blocked well by the keeper. Corner to Arsenal. 
67' Alexis is through on goal but Palomino brushes him off the ball. Ref waives away appeals for a penalty. 
65' CHANCE! Ox and Ozil combine well in the box but the English fails to read the return pass and gives away a goal kick. 
63' Ludogorets pull off some incredible moves when on the ball but fail to convert plenty of their chances. 
62' Substitution: Lucas Perez coming on for Arsenal to replace the excellent Theo Walcott. 
59' Meanwhile, Santi Cazorla is having his leg iced on the bench. Looks like an injury forced him off. 
58' CHANCE! Theo puts in another cross but the keeper collects well. 
57' Substitution: Elneny comes on to replace a visibly disappointed Cazorla for Arsenal. 
End to end stuff here at the Emirates! Koscielny just thwarted a chance and Arsenal then countered with style with Ozil putting away their fourth goal. 
56' GGGGGGOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! Mesut Ozil scores for Arsenal! 
55' Alexis is down on the ground holding his face but it doesn't look like he's suffering from something serious. 
54' Ox gets the ball and tries to free Walcott ahead of him but the keeper rushes out to clear the danger. 
52' Marcelinho tries to shoot one past Ospina but Mustafi puts his body on the line. Blocked. 
48' 3 minutes into the second half and Arsenal have already had three more shots on target. 
Gibbs is free on the left but his cross into the box is backheeled by Alexis into the patch of the Ox who smashes it in to make it 3-0 to the home side. 
47' GGGGGGGOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL! Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain scores for Arenal! 
46' PEEEP! We're back underway as we see Arsene Wenger try on the new raincoat. 
The teams are back on the pitch. Second half a whistle away. 
Arsenal have controlled the game in patches but have to thank David Ospina for keeping them in the game. Meanwhile, Alexis and Theo continue their fine goal-scoring form with one each. 
Peeeep Peeeeep! Half time at the Emirates.
Theo has the ball at the edge of the area - with the time as well - and he takes a shot from distance to give Arsenal a two-goal lead. 
42' GGGGGOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL! Theo Walcott again for the Arsenal! 
40' Arsenal break through the Ox but he can't find Alexis or Bellerin and the Bulgarians clear. A lot of frustration on the pitch at the moment - especially from the home side. 
38' Game is settling down now with both sides taking more cautious approaches to their attacks. 

Arsenal vs Ludogorets, Live Score and Commentary, UEFA Champions League 2016-17