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Sportskeeda Blogger Awards Results

Sportskeeda Blogger Awards Results


In December, we came up with the idea to honour the top sporting blogs on the internet. After pouring through numerous nominations, (the sheer volume of which were completely overwhelming) and inviting votes from our thousands of readers as well as our own in-house panel, we have finally arrived with a list of noteworthy winners of the Sportskeeda Blogger Awards! Congratulations to those came out on top. For those who missed out, do not be disappointed. Your blogs are still some of the top blogs around!

Here are the deserving winners:

Best Club Fan Site: The Republik of Mancunia (Manchester United)

Best Humor Blog: Dirty Tackle

Best Video Blog: 101 Great Goals

Best General Football Blog: In Bed With Maradona

Best Indian Football Blog: The Hard Tackle

Best Tactics And Stats Blog: Zonal Marking

Best Podcast Blog: Football Weekly – Guardian

Best Sportskeeda Syndicated Blog: O-Posts

Best Humor Blog: Alternative Cricket

Best Indian Cricket Blog: Sidvee Blogs

Best Team Specific Blog: The Baggy Green (Australian cricket team)

Best International Cricket Blog: Alternative Cricket

Best Domestic Cricket Blog: Derbyshire Cricket

Best Podcasts Blog: The Sledge

Best Sportskeeda Syndicated Blog: Well Pitched

Best Tennis Blog: Heavy Topspin: A tennis blog

Best Basketball Blog: Hoopistani

Best Motorsports Blog: Riding Fast And Flying Low

Best Chess Blog: Black & White

Best Cycling Blog: Inrng

Other Sports Blog: The Olympic Fanatic

There have been a host of other nominations. You can find them here