Sportskeeda Global Internship Program (Online)


Note: This page is for the online internship. To apply for the full-time internship to be undertaken from Sportskeeda’s Bangalore office, please send your CV to

If you are an aspiring sports writer looking for that cutting edge to set you apart from the rest, then the Sportskeeda Global Internship Program (SGIP) is perfect for you. The SGIP can help you kick-start your career in sports journalism!

With a carefully designed program that provides budding writers with the tools necessary to succeed in the world of sports writing, prospective candidates will have the opportunity to have their work read by the site’s 6 million monthly readers, interact with seasoned professionals on a regular basis, and get an insight into the workings of one of India’s largest media houses.


Why should I apply for this?

Applying for SGIP has many advantages. Through the SGIP, you will:

- Get constant feedback on your writing from seasoned sports writers and editors

- Get inside information about the workings of a media house, and how content is generated and promoted

- Get a chance to join Sportskeeda’s elite panel of paid and featured writers

- Have your content featured on partner blogs and websites (e.g. Yahoo!)

- Earn a chance to represent Sportskeeda at media and sports events across India


Let’s assume I am interested in this. What do I have to do?

It’s simple, really. As part of Sportskeeda’s internship program, you will have to write 15 articles over a period of two months, with no more than two articles a week.

You will be in touch with a mentor at all times, and get constant feedback on your writing as well as suggestions on how to improve, along with tips and tricks to add flair to your work.


Do I have to work at the Sportskeeda office?

No. You can work from home, so there is no need to uproot yourself from familiar surroundings.


What does one get after completing the program?

You get a personalised certificate verifying your completion of the Sportskeeda Global Internship Program. In an environment that values work experience very highly, a certificate verifying the completion of a journalism course with a reputed organisation could open doors for you that may have previously been closed.

You could even go on to become a full-time employee at Sportskeeda, like some others have!


Is this a paid internship?

No. There is no pay involved in this program.


Cool. Where do I apply?

Just fill out the form below and we will communicate with you in three days time if we find that your work is of the required standard! For queries, email us at