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Sportskeeda Rep

Sportskeeda Rep

A college and school ambassadorship program

Who or what is a Sportskeeda Rep?

 Are you a sports maniac or in our words a ‘Sportskeeda’ and a student currently studying in any school/college in India?

 If yes, you now have this fantastic opportunity to sign up, apply and become the exclusive Sportskeeda Representative of your school/college and do wonderful things in sports for your school/college, community and country.

  How do you get to be a Sportskeeda Rep you ask? It’s simple. Go through the roles & responsibilities, the eligibility criteria & the benefits and if you still think you’re cut out for this challenge go ahead and apply!

Benefits (What's in it for you?)

1. Being listed as an official Sportskeeda representative on our website, you will be the single exclusive point of contact from your school/college.

2. You will receive a certificate on the completion of one year as a Sportskeeda rep and in addition receive cool Sportskeeda merchandise.

3. You will have the responsibility and power to lead your school/college through various tournaments, negotiations & events.

4. You can also be promoted to city representative based on your work and may also get the chance to interview big names from the world of sports.

5. You will get the chance to be part of a sports revolution in India and be pioneers of the largest sports network that this country has seen.

Roles & Responsibilities of a Sportskeeda Rep

1. The Sportskeeda Rep shall be responsible for reporting to sportskeeda.com at the earliest- any sports related happenings, events and results in his/her school/college and promptly inform Sportskeeda on the progress of any individual who has outstanding (national/international level) performances to his/her credit.

2. The Sportskeeda Rep will be responsible for updating and maintaining the profile page of his/her school/college page with authentic relevant information.

3. The Sportskeeda Rep should interact with the Sportskeeda Reps from other schools/colleges for the organizing of any tournament or event or for any other constructive reason after consultation with the program coordinator.

4. The Sportskeeda Rep will have to actively take part and help in the coordinating of any promotional/marketing activity by Sportskeeda within his/her campus if any and also inform his/her own school/college authorities on any events initiated by Sportskeeda for the benefit of their school/college and its students.


1. Applicant must be highly passionate about sports and must have fair amount of knowledge about multiple sports.

2. Applicant must have the zeal and the innovative abilities to work for the development of sports in his/her school/college and for the country on the whole.

3. Applicant must have good leadership qualities with good interpersonal skills

So what are you waiting for? Step up and bring out the Sportskeeda in you!