Point system Title system
The Sportskeeda Score is the total of the points you have earned through your activities on Sportskeeda. Your score reflects the extent to which you are passionate about sports, and is visible on your Sportskeeda user profile page. Expect Leaderboards soon !
  • 1 point: For every article or forum read
  • 10 points: For every video posted
  • 2 points: For every sport, event, team, player, author you follow
  • 10 points: For every comment posted
  • 2 points: For taking a Poll
  • 2 points: For taking a Quiz
  • 100 points: For every article or forum written
  • 5 points: For every follower gained for your author profile
  • 2 points: For every 100 reads that your article or forum receives
  • 200 points: For every Editor's Pick article
  • 10 points: For every Poll you publish.
  • 100 points: For every Quiz you publish.
You can earn titles for yourself through your Sportskeeda Score. The higher your score, the better your title ! Here's a quick look at the different titles you are eligible for at different levels: