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Sportskeeda helps sports bloggers reach a wide and varied audience. With nearly 3 million reads every month and over 1,800 sports writers, there is no dearth of readers, comments or feedback for articles published at Sportskeeda.

You can auto publish your articles on the site by submitting your RSS feed here. Your articles will be published with a link back to the original article.

With the interactive features at Sportskeeda, you can very easily develop a strong fan following for your writing. Any reader can ‘follow’ your author profile, after which he or she will get a notification whenever a new article is published from your blog. In addition, if an article from your blog gets tagged as an “Editor’s Pick” article, it will be showcased prominently on the home page of the site. There are several avenues at Sportskeeda for networking and exchanging ideas on sports, and you are bound to enjoy your time here.

What’s in it for you?

1. More readers: Sportskeeda currently gets approximately 6 million page views every month, with a 10% monthly increase rate. The articles from your blog will reach out to a very wide audience if they are syndicated to our site.

2. Traffic for your blog: At the bottom of every article from your blog, in addition to the link of your original blog post, there will also be 4 links to related articles on your blog. There is roughly a 25% click rate for related articles on every Sportskeeda article, so it is likely that 1/4th of the people who read your articles on Sportskeeda will also visit your blog. So, for instance, if you get 10,000 reads for your Sportskeeda articles in a month, you will also likely get traffic of around new 2,500 visitors on your blog in that month.

3. Become a published name: We have relationships with several global print and online media houses which re-publish Sportskeeda’s articles on their platforms with appropriate credits. If the articles from your blog are published on Sportskeeda, there is a chance that they could get published by these media houses, thus bringing widespread recognition to you and your blog.

4. Preserve your place in search results: Sportskeeda has a setting by which any article published on the site from an external blog doesn't appear under Sportskeeda’s name in search results; instead, the original post from your blog will continue to appear in search results. So your presence in search results will remain unchanged!

These are just a few of the positives about joining Sportskeeda’s blog syndication program. We feel sure that accepting this invitation will be tremendously beneficial both for your blog and for Sportskeeda.

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