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Finn Bálor and Damian Priest of The Judgment Day.

Finn Bálor could kick Damian Priest out of Judgment Day if top free agent snubs AEW to return to WWE

The latest episode of WWE RAW teased a possible dissension between members of The Judgment Day. For seemingly the first time since the group's rise to prominence, Finn Bálor and Damian Priest had a tough time getting on the same page. This might catalyze The Prince to boot Priest out of the stable and introduce a new member.

Despite a somewhat rocky start to Judgment Day's tenure in WWE, the quartet of Bálor, Priest, Dominik Mysterio, and Rhea Ripley are currently one of the most popular acts in all of wrestling. However, the group may be beginning to run the risk of getting stale, and a shakeup could be in order.


If Bálor and Priest didn't get eventually fall out, Kota Ibushi would be the perfect candidate to take The Archer of Infamy's place in the group.

Prince Devitt x Kota Ibushi. Wrestle Kingdom V. (1.4.11)

Bálor and Ibushi have a wealth of history with each other from their shared time in Japan. In many ways, these two men helped put NJPW's Super Junior division on the map, and both have gone on to have illustrious careers since.


The Japanese star last appeared in WWE as part of the Cruiserweight Classic, and he is expected to sign with AEW soon. However, a potential storyline with the former Prince Devitt may just be enough to lure him away from Tony Khan's company for a return to the Stamford-based promotion.


What happened between Finn Bálor and Damian Priest on WWE RAW

The latest episode of Monday Night RAW kicked off with Seth Rollins cutting a promo in the ring. As expected, he was interrupted by Damian Priest, who was set to face the newly-crowned World Heavyweight Champion in the show's main event.

However, Priest was accompanied by Finn Bálor, who looked less than pleased when the two opponents agreed not to have any support at ringside for their match.

Damian Priest: “I don’t need Dom, Rhea or Finn Balor for me to beat you.”

Are they going to break up Judgment Day???


Nonetheless, Bálor made his presence known during their bout and attempted to assist his ally. Things did not go as planned as Rollins quickly thwarted his efforts, distracting Priest.

The seeds of dissension between the group have definitely been sewn. But only time will tell what comes of this.

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