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  • Former AEW champion to be unveiled as one of The Devil's henchmen on Dynamite? Exploring the chances
The Devil made his presence known a few days ago on Dynamite.

Former AEW champion to be unveiled as one of The Devil's henchmen on Dynamite? Exploring the chances

The identity of the Devil of AEW has been one of the mysteries that people have been trying to unearth. However, no one has been paying attention to the identities of his henchmen. Could one of them be revealed to be a certain top AEW star?

A few days ago on Dynamite, the Devil and his goons came close to attacking MJF. However, Samoa Joe's interference was the only reason this did not happen. The Salt of the Earth then challenged the Devil to bring out two of his goons to face him and Joe in a tag team action next week. The only reason The Samoan Submission Machine agreed was to keep the AEW World Champion in tip-top shape for their title match at Worlds End 2023 Pay-Per-View.


This would be the first time that the goons would be showcased on live television, and this could be MJF's perfect chance to unmask one of them. This could end up being Sammy Guevara. He has been missing time away from the ring due to his injury, but this would certainly not prevent him from pulling off some secret jobs.

This would also be in line with the popular theory that the Devil could be Jack Perry. It would not be a shock to see two pillars against MJF, considering what happened at the Four Pillars match in May. Recently, Perry and Guevara were seen liking a tweet accusing MJF of getting rid of the feeling that fans loved AEW.

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Concerning The Don Callis Family, this could simply be something he does in secret, and it may just work for them, as Powerhouse Hobbs is interested in the AEW World Championship.


AEW star Sammy Guevara is cleared for action

Following his two-month hiatus, it seems that Sammy Guevara may return to in-ring action sometime soon.

On a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported on the status of the Spanish God. He talked about how he had been cleared for some time already, but he was not planning to return until his wife, Tay Melo, gave birth.

But now that she has already given birth to their baby, Luna Melo, he may come back soon if all is well within their family.

"He was cleared - I don't know when he was cleared exactly, but it was over a week ago and it was basically, he wasn't gonna be there until she [Tay Melo] gave birth, and then he would come back shortly after. At that point when she was about to give birth there was no point coming back until after she gave birth. But yeah, he's cleared," Meltzer said. [H/T WrestleTalk]
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Sammy Guevara being cleared for action makes it even more possible that he will be involved in this storyline between the Devil and MJF. The fans will have to wait for next week when the AEW World Champion finally gets his hands on the Devil's goons.

Who do you think are the henchmen of the Devil in AEW? Let us know in the comments section below.

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