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  • "A faucet of creativity" - AEW's Chris Jericho offers high praise to former Universal Champion
Chris Jericho is a former WWE Champion.

"A faucet of creativity" - AEW's Chris Jericho offers high praise to former Universal Champion

Chris Jericho has spoken about how unique Wyatt was. The former WWE Champion recently did an interview with Superstar Crossover, and when asked about Wyatt, Y2J said that he 'was unique.' Jericho and The New Face of Fear have faced off against each other in 2016.

"Bray was like a faucet of creativity. He had so many ideas that were just pouring out of him at all times. He was very unique, and that's why he did so good was so successful because no one really thought about wrestling the way that he did with the characters that he created and the things that he committed to that no one else could really make work."

Jericho went on to speak about Wyatt's main character in the ring, Bray Wyatt, and the most iconic The Fiend and The Firefly Funhouse concept of his

"Like, obviously, Bray Wyatt might have been the best of them. When that started getting a little bit stale, then he goes to The Fiend [with the Firefly Funhouse]. If you pitch that to me, it'd be like, 'What are you talking about?' Like, how is this gonna work? But then once you see him do it, it's like, 'This is so great. It's so wrestling.'" [H/T Fightful]

Check out the video below:


Chris Jericho even drew comparisons of Wyatt's The Fiend to his own Dinner Debonair promo with MJF. In the promo, MJF and The Ocho have dinner in a restaurant, and both try to outdo each other while ordering their dish.

"It's like Dinner Debonair, that MJF and I had, you couldn't get away with that unless you committed to it, 1,000% because wrestling is that, wrestling is the Firefly Funhouse. To be able to think about that, and create it and make it a thing, and there's all these different characters, and it's like Mr. Rogers on crack, but it's cool."

Professional wrestlers from almost every wrestling promotion have something or the other to say about the late great Bray Wyatt, whose demise has left a deep, indelible mark on the psyche of professional wrestling. Icons like Matt Hardy and Booker T have spoken about how unique Wyatt was to wrestling.

Kenny Omega joins Chris Jericho in a feud with Don Callis at AEW Rampage Grand Slam

Chris Jericho made an appearance during Grand Slam Dynamite. He took on his long-time friend Sammy Guevara. After the bout, The Spanish God turned on Jericho and joined forces with Don Callis.


However, Chris Jericho's feud with Callis and Guevara took a shocking turn when Kenny Omega showed up to help Y2J on Rampage. Omega saved Jericho from a brutal beatdown by Callis, Guevara, and Konosuke Takeshita.

What do you think of this angle with Jericho, Omega, Don Callis, and Guevara? Sound off in the comments section below.

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