The Elias/Ezekiel storyline was very well-received by fans.

AEW star blasts fickle fans for disliking a similar gimmick to WWE's Elias and Ezekiel

AEW has a roster filled with numerous different gimmicks and personas - some standing out more than others. Ethan Page recently looked back at his poorly received The Karate Man gimmick and questioned why the Elias/Ezekiel character went over better than his.

During the Global Pandemic, Page introduced The Karate Man - an alternative heel persona that he had besides simply being himself. Notably, The Karate Man "killed" Ethan Page during a cinematic match, opening the way for his AEW debut.


During an interview on Swoggle on Going Postl, Page recalled his initial reaction to WWE doing the Elias gimmick a year after The Karate Man.

"About a year later, they do exactly what I wanted to do with Elias. Everyone loves it. Rave reviews. Genius idea even. So innovative. I'm thinking, 'Hold on, I killed the business on a show no one really saw? But this guy...' It was awesome, all the power to him."

Page continued, speculating what might have resulted in the difference of opinion.

"The whole time, I'm thinking like, 'Do we just choose who sucks?' The part that sucks is that when it comes to comedy, everyone has their own style, but my style is very serious." (H/T: Fightful)

Dan Lambert recently sat down with Sportskeeda and detailed how he believes that Ethan Page will be on the receiving end of a major push in AEW sometime soon.

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Ethan Page teased bringing The Karate Man back into AEW


Ethan Page has been feuding with Matt Hardy in recent weeks, and while some of the storylines have occurred over on AEW DARK, fans seem to be enjoying the segments so far and took to social media to praise the work between them.

Ethan Page holding on to Matt Hardy ponytail was smart this almost saved him #AEWRampage

During the same interview, Page proclaimed that The Karate Man still lives, and will be returning sometime soon.

"If we treat it like these are two separate people, I promise, I'll play them both to a tee. You have to take it like it's serious, people think it's hilarious. The Karate Man lives. He'll be around forever. I'm putting him in another project, coming soon." (H/T: Fightful)

It remains to be seen how Ethan Page will bring the character into All Elite Wrestling. With Matt Hardy's history of multiple personas, could one of his alter egos team up with The Karate Man to take Ethan Page down?


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