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Old rival knocks Moxley's door again!

AEW star Jon Moxley challenged to a massive rematch after 10 months

Jon Moxley has been one of the busiest performers in the business for quite a while. Having wrestled for distinct promotions over the years, Moxley continues to be the desired opponent of several top names. NJPW star El Desperado is the latest entrant on the list, calling out the AEW stalwart for a rematch.

El Desperado and Jon Moxley are no strangers to each other inside the squared circle. Their first encounter came about a year ago when the J.A.S. and Blackpool Combat Club were feuding in June 2022, during the segment between Moxley and Hiroshi Tanahashi. As Chris Jericho ordered the attack, Desperado and Lance Archer blindsided the two men from behind as J.A.S. marched to the ring.


Consequently, The Purveyor of Violence and the Suzuki-gun member locked horns at NJPW Music City Mayhem on July 31 last year in a no-disqualification match. Both men were brutal during the bout, using several half-cut soda cans, tables, and barbed wire to inflict pain. However, Moxley emerged victorious as the NJPW star passed out to the applied sleeper hold.

Speaking after GCW Cage of Survival 2 recently on June 3rd, the Japanese wrestler seemingly challenged Jon Moxley at the upcoming ''NJPW Strong'' event.

"I couldn't even tap, it was a stoppage (referring to their last bout). I’m jonesing for it now. I want more. Moxley, Moxley, Moxley, I want what you can give me, man. Come on, let’s do it again. I hear NJPW Strong are dome some cool things soon. You know what I love about you? So quick with your replies. You won’t let me down right? I want the good stuff. Don’t be a stranger,” said Desperado. [0.53-1.55]
After enduring GCW's Tournament of Survival this weekend, @ElDesperado5 had a hankering for more violence... and #JonMoxley?!


Jon Moxley expresses a desire to wrestle in Japan again


The Blackpool Combat Club member has performed for the reputed NJPW promotion on numerous occasions. Alongside Claudio Castagnoli and Shota Umino, Moxley returned to Japan at NJPW Dominion two days ago against the NEVER Openweight Six-Man Tag Team Champions.

Addressing his future in NJPW after the match, The Death Rider mentioned that he has got plans to wrestle more in Japan.

"I want to wrestle [in Japan] again... I've got plans. I've got a f**king resident card now. I will come back whenever the f**k I want," said Moxley.

(You can read more here)

Jon Moxley recently got a tattoo which literally translates to PURORESU.

Today, he's wrestling in Japan again. Awesome shit.

NJPW Strong is scheduled to take place on July 4th and 5th at the legendary Korakuen Hall. There has been no official statement on the Jon Moxley vs El Desperado match at the event yet. Nonetheless, the match definitely holds a ton of promise, and fans seem excited about the expected hard-hitting battle.

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