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  • AEW star says he is going to "Pedigree the sh*t outta everyone," puts Matt Cardona on notice
This AEW star threatened Matt Cardona

AEW star says he is going to "Pedigree the sh*t outta everyone," puts Matt Cardona on notice

Former WWE star Matt Cardona (fka Zack Ryder) needs to watch his back as an AEW star recently threatened to Pedigree him and many more wrestlers going forward.

Matt Cardona first gained prominence in the Stamford-based promotion under the name 'Zack Ryder.' However, he went on to re-invent himself by returning to the independent scene and traveling to different territories. He is also known as the 'The Indy God' and 'The Deathmatch king'. Meanwhile, he has a warning from AEW star Shawn Spears.


Spears also had a brief WWE run under the name 'Tye Dillinger.' Recently, The Chairman seems to have a shift in his persona, with his aggressive messages on social media. Spears took to Twitter, aka "X," to put all the wrestlers on notice, especially Matt Cardona, on his apparent hit list:

"I think I’m gonna Pedigree the sh*t outta everyone going forward. Looks fun. @TheMattCardona … You’re first."

Well, this could be a tease of Cardona possibly heading to the All Elite promotion or Spears facing him off on the Indies as well. It would be interesting to see where this goes.


Matt Cardona on what it would take for WWE or AEW to sign him


Matt Cardona has previously worked with WWE and had an appearance on AEW as well. However, he has yet to sign full-time with a major promotion ever since his return to the Indies. Speaking to WrestlingINC, Cardona revealed what it would take for him to sign with either promotion:

“My dream wasn’t just to be a pro wrestler. My dream was to be a f***ing wrestling superstar. Right now, I’m doing it on my own, but if AEW called, if Tony Khan called me right now and said, ‘Hey, we want you for All In in Wembley,’ if it made sense, of course, I would go. If WWE called and said, ‘Hey, we want to bring you back,” blah blah blah, if it made sense, of course, I would go. But until then, I don’t need to go.” [H/T TJRWRESTLING]
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Henceforth, only time will tell how much longer Cardona stays on the independent scene or if he ends up with a top promotion in the near future.

Sound off in the comments where you would like to see The Indy God in the future.

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