MJF is the youngest AEW World Champion

AEW World Champion MJF unimpressed by fan's imitation of his attire 

MJF is known to be in character whether in or out of the ring. His straight-forward, no-nonsense attitude is what made him one of the most popular stars on AEW today. The 26-year old is active on social media and voices his opinions on varied events and fans. A fan recently shared an image of their friend dressed up in MJF inspired attire to which he had a one-word reaction.

The Salt of the Earth defeated Jon Moxley at Full Gear to win his first world title reign on AEW. In May this year, he gave a scathing promo calling out Tony Khan for hiring all 'former WWE guys'. Since then he had been out of in-ring action and did not make any public appearance.


At AEW All Out, he made his much anticipated return and won the Casino Battle Royal with some assistance from Stokely Hathaway and The Firm. He confronted his former rival CM Punk. The two were initially planned to face each other and renew their feud. But the backstage melee put a spoke in the wheel for those plans.

The fan tagged MJF in the photo to which he replied 'sad':

Sad. twitter.com/jamesbouhuys/s…
One of my co-workers decided to dress up as @The_MJF for Character Day today

Jim Cornette was amused by MJF's usage of his iconic phrase at the Full Gear media scrum


Following his win, The Salt of the Earth addressed the media and ended his speech with "Thank you, F**k you, Bye" which is Jim Cornette's iconic trademarked phrase.

On a recent episode of The Jim Cornette Experience, Cornette took light of the matter. He cited that the AEW Champion was permitted to use his catchphrase as much as he wished:

"Even though 'Thank you, F**k you, Bye' is trademarked, he has permission to use it anytime he wants to, especially anytime he’s using it at the people in AEW and/or the people that cover that same promotion. I will give him a 100 Year License to use it anytime he wants! There will be no legal action! I’m sure there’s gonna be enough legal action in AEW upcoming for everybody without me having to sue MJF."
MJF deciding he's gonna make the media scrum part of his story, as well as a Jim Cornette catchphrase 'cause...well, because. #AEW #AEWFullGear

The promotion's World Champion is set to have his first title defense against Ricky Starks. While the initial plans were nixed, Moxley had intended to go on vacation while Punk and MJF feuded. However, given that the title has changed hands and new contenders are on the rise, the AEW star has much time to tend to personal matters.

Do you think Starks will be able to dethrone The Salt of the Earth? Sound off in the comments below.

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