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Bryan Danielson is going hard in the Continental Classic

Bryan Danielson derides current champion, makes bold declaration

AEW's Continental Classic tournament is heating up, and Bryan Danielson joined the winner's column on the latest episode of Collision. Following the match, The American Dragon addressed his opponent, Eddie Kingston, and all his fellow entrants in the tournament.

Bryan Danielson defeated Eddie Kingston to gain three points in the Continental Classic's Blue League. Brody King currently stands alone atop the block with two matches won, but The American Dragon isn't far behind. Meanwhile, Kingston, whose titles are on the line in the tournament, fell to 0-2 on Saturday night.


Kingston cut an unusually somber promo after his first loss last week, claiming that he was humble in victory and would be humble in defeat. Following his win over The Mad King last night, Bryan Danielson derided that mindset, claiming that Eddie lacked mental toughness:

"There's a difference between me and Eddie Kingston," said Danielson. "Eddie Kingston, physically, is tough as nails. You see it every time -- he pours his whole heart [out] every time he wrestles. Where he's not tough is mentally. You see, you have to be both in this world. Bad things are going to happen in a tournament like the Continental Classic. Bad things are going to happen. I fractured my orbital bone in two places. My vision is still blurry. I broke my arm in June and I still don't have full strength in my arm."

Despite his injuries, The American Dragon further claimed that he will not be defeated:

"If you are not tough mentally, you're going to make every excuse for losing," he continued. "Last week, Eddie Kingston said, 'Humble in victory, humble in defeat.' That's just setting yourself up for defeat. I will not be defeated." [H/T Fightful]

You can watch Danielson's complete statement by clicking here.

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Bryan Danielson believes he is the toughest competitor in the Continental Classic

While Bryan Danielson only has one match under his belt in the Continental Classic tournament thus far, he is convinced that no other entrant is as tough as he is – both mentally and physically.


After confirming that this is his final year as a full-time wrestler, The American Dragon called out both his opponents and Blackpool Combat Club teammates:

"This is my last full-time year in professional wrestling. I come back and I meditate after these matches, so I can seal in every single thing that I feel out there. The one sport that I love more than anything else besides my family. The joy in victory, the pain of getting hit, all that comes in, and all of it's sealed," he said. "There is not a man in the Continental Classic, not my foes like Eddie Kingston, not my friends like Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli, there's not a man in the Continental Classic that is tougher mentally or tougher physically than me." [H/T Fightful]

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