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  • "Can you imagine the heat that you would get?" - Konnan wanted a major AEW star to attack Tony Khan on live TV
Should Tony Khan watch his back for this star?

"Can you imagine the heat that you would get?" - Konnan wanted a major AEW star to attack Tony Khan on live TV

AEW President Tony Khan's booking has faced a lot of criticism over the past year and his handling of stars like Jade Cargill has been at the center of it. WCW veteran Konnan recently pitched an idea where Khan could revitalize Cargill's run by getting his hands dirty.

Jade Cargill is currently in the early stages of her next feud as she'll likely face the promotion's latest signing, Taya Valkyrie. Konnan believes Cargill needs to catch more heat in order for her character to develop.


Speaking on the latest episode of Keepin' It 100, Konnan proposed a theoretical storyline where Jade Cargill gets fed up with Tony Khan and ends up attacking him.

"How much heat - how awesome would it have been if she would have said that 'I need to be in an angle, I've been here for a year and you just feed me these Jobbers. Until Tony Khan comes out comes out here and gives me an explanation.' Tony comes out, and just as he's going through the ropes, she clotheslines him..Can you imagine the heat that you would get?" (16:22 onward).
Looks like @thetayavalkyrie has answered TBS Champion @Jade_Cargill's question here on #AEWDynamite LIVE on TBS!

Jade Cargill seems to have a ton of support behind her despite the direction her booking is currently going in. Wardlow recently spoke to Bill Apter in an exclusive Sportskeeda interview wherein the War Dog praised the TBS Champion and claimed she's on par with him.


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Konnan has been very critical about Jade Cargill's handling in AEW in the past

Jade Cargill is still on an impressive undefeated streak after recently defeating her latest opponent Nicole Matthews and is now 54-0. With a streak that has already surpassed The Undertaker and is currently building towards Goldberg's 161-2 WCW streak, why is Cargill still facing criticism?

Who will step up to try to bring down the undefeated TBS Champion?

We find out when @jade_cargill defends in Winnipeg, LIVE Wednesday at 8/7c on @tbsnetwork

During an earlier episode of Keepin' It 100, the WCW veteran questioned why Jade hasn't had a higher-profile feud in AEW, instead of constantly facing jobbers and mid-carders.

“She needs to be in like a feud. She’s just running over everybody, she should have beaten this girl quicker. She needs to be in a feud, you know what I’m saying? She’s become redundant.” [20:43 onward]

With her current feud against Taya Valkyrie, Cargill could be facing her biggest challenge in AEW yet. Only time will tell if the TBS Champion ends up retaining her belt or if she will finally suffer a defeat since signing with AEW.


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