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  • "Dropping game on my mother?" - Mariah May says her mom is more attractive, gets a flirty response from former AEW champion
Mariah May recently signed with AEW.

"Dropping game on my mother?" - Mariah May says her mom is more attractive, gets a flirty response from former AEW champion

AEW wrestler Mariah May has her social game on point. She makes many posts, and when others in the wrestling world tag her in a conversation, she reverts with a smart comment.

That's exactly what happened when Nyla Rose, who's currently signed up with the Jacksonville-based company, posted a reply to Mariah's late-night post.


Here's the entire banter:

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Nyla Rose is a former AEW Women's World Champion. She joined the wrestling promotion in 2019. Mariah May is relatively new to the Jacksonville-based company and made her debut there just this year.

AEW wrestlers routinely have their social game on point


Wrestlers like Chris Jericho and MJF of the Tony Khan-owned company take some time out of their busy schedules and try to connect with their fans. Recently, Jericho commented on a post from a cancer survivor who is also a wrestling fan. MJF also reacted in character when a user posted a clip of a child performing The Salt of the Earth's signature move.

Sometimes, social media posts from the wrestlers hint that something is not right within the company, like the time when a post critical of MJF was liked by others on the roster. When CM Punk returned to WWE, Andrade El Idolo and others took to their social accounts to express their shock and happiness, or both.

Social media plays a major role in a promotion's day-to-day activities as well. They use their handles to promote their upcoming events. Things did get a little prickly during the Tuesday Night Ratings war when Tony Khan, the head booker of All Elite Wrestling, posted disparaging comments about Vince McMahon, Triple H, and even Shawn Michaels.

It seems like Tony Khan and his company don't control what the wrestlers on their roster post, a far cry away from the days when every public interaction of a wrestler was under the firm control of the booker or the promotion they had signed up with.

What do you think? Is AEW and Tony Khan too generous while allowing freedom to his roster? Let us know in the comments section below.

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