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Eddie Kingston is the new ROH World Champion.

Eddie Kingston dedicates his win at AEW Grand Slam to his late friend

AEW star Eddie Kingston reached a major milestone in his career on the "Grand Slam" edition of Dynamite when he became the new ROH World Champion, and it was later revealed that the win was dedicated to a late friend of the Mad King.

After years of fellings of anger and betrayal, Kingston defeated his bitter rival Claudio Castagnoli in his home state of New York, making him a double champion as the holder of the ROH World and NJPW STRONG Openweight Championships.


During an interview following his win, Eddie revealed that he feels as if he has finally grown as a man, and that had the match happened years ago, he would have spat in the face of Claudio Castagnoli.

"I'm in pain, that stage hurts, Claudio [Castagnoli] hurts every time he hits you. I don't like him as a human being, but I shook his hand because let's be honest, he was a great Ring of Honor Champion, and I've always said he's a great wrestler. I just don't like him as a person and that's not going to change, but I could definitely show him that I'd grown. I've grown up, back in the day I wouldn't have shook his had, I would have spit in his face and then I would have gloated. But bro, I grew up man, I'll give him his do and his respect."
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Eddie Kingston also dedicated his win to his late friend John Bedoya Jr., known to wrestling fans as Xavier, the second-ever ROH World Champion who sadly passed away in 2020.

"I'm just--I'm proud, I'm happy, when I get back to the hotel, I'm not going to be proud and happy because now I know I've got to defend this championship (ROH) and this championship (NJPW STRONG), and that's going to be hard, but I like it. Without struggle, there is no progress, you know what I mean? I feel too weird if there's no struggle."

Kingston continued:

"This is dedicated to Xavier, the second-ever Ring of Honor Champion. Rest in peace bud. Thank you for everything you've done for this business, thank you for being good to me in the locker room, but this one's for you dog, this one's for you because people should remember who you are man. 'X' marks the spot baby. Love you X. Rest in peace."

Eddie Kingston still doesn't like being praised


Given that he is now a double champion, people from all over the wrestling world are going to congratulate Eddie Kingston for finally becoming the man everyone knew he could be. However, that might be a problem, as the Mad King isn't a big fan of compliments.

Kingston himself has admitted to being uncomfortable when people praise him, which was on full display following AEW All In when he told Nick Jackson that he hates him.

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The AEW EVP complimented nearly the entire AEW roster following the show at Wembley Stadium, with Jackson revealing that Kingston was one of the reasons why The Young Bucks wanted to stay in All Elite Wrestling. Given that he doesn't like compliments, Eddie completely shut it down.

With that being said, there is footage from the AEW All Access show that proves Kingston and The Young Bucks are friendly with each other, with the Mad King welcoming Matt and Nick Jackson back after the Brawl Out incident.

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