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Could Ric Flair be on his way to signing a deal with All Elite Wrestling?

Eric Bischoff explains how fans will rejoice if Ric Flair signs with AEW

Eric Bischoff recently spoke about Ric Flair possibly signing with All Elite Wrestling on his 83 Weeks Podcast. Bischoff stated that fans will rejoice if Flair steps into the ring in AEW.

Bischoff recalled Ric Flair showing up in AAA and helping Andrade El Idolo during his match against Kenny Omega. The former WCW President believes that when Flair steps into the ring and chops someone, the audience is going to have a blast and rejoice.


Bischoff ultimately concluded by stating that the fans will go back in time and remember Ric Flair's magical moments, some of which they will be paying for. (H/T: Wrestling Inc)

“Watch what happens when Ric Flair steps in the ring in AEW," said Bischoff. "Just watch what happens. We saw what happened in Mexico in AAA when Ric Flair and Andrade got together. When Ric Flair steps back in the ring and starts chopping somebody, nobody is going to say to themselves ‘Oh man, that was a weak chop, he doesn’t chop as well as he did 20 years ago.’
"Nobody could give two sh**s, they’re going to have a blast," Bischoff continued. "They’ll rejoice, it’s going to trigger their memory and they’re going to go back in time and remember some of those magic Ric Flair moments and that’s what they’re paying their money for.”

Could Ric Flair show up in All Elite Wrestling?

Ric Flair Andrade AEW

While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, Ric Flair could potentially work with AEW. In theory, Andrade El Idolo's presence in the company could pave the way for The Nature Boy.

Flair and Andrade recently shared screen time together in AAA during the former WWE Superstar's world title match against Kenny Omega. Over the course of the past few months or so, several notable names such as CM Punk, Sting, Mark Henry and Paul Wight have all signed with AEW.

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As a result, it's at least possible that Ric Flair might also jump ship after he recently parted ways with WWE.

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