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  • "He can't be proud of what he's doing" - WWE veteran questions Sting's motive behind wrestling for AEW 
Sting has wrestled in TNA, WWE, and is now in AEW.

"He can't be proud of what he's doing" - WWE veteran questions Sting's motive behind wrestling for AEW 

Wrestling veteran Jim Cornette has never been known to mince words when it comes to sharing his opinions, and he definitely did not hold back when ripping into Sting's return match on last week's Dynamite.

After a four-month absence, the WCW legend returned last Wednesday to team up with Darby Allin and Orange Cassidy against The Butcher, The Blade, and Kip Sabian in a trios tag team match.

This Wednesday, 3/22
Wednesday Night #AEWDynamite
Live on TBS

AEW International Champion @orangecassidy, @DarbyAllin & @Sting vs @TheKipSabian, Butcher & @BladeofBuffalo

After a backstage attack & challenge made at #AEWHouseRules, Orange & Darby have chosen their partner: STING

While it can be argued that the exhibition had loads of fun spots, Jim Cornette was not amused by the showing. Speaking on his podcast, the veteran manager begged the question as to why a respected talent like The Icon would be tolerant of Tony Khan's booking:

“It must be the money now though, because he doesn’t love the wrestling business and he can’t be proud of what he’s doing. So how many […] millions of dollars is Tony Khan paying Sting?” [01:04 - 01:15]

Cornette was relentless in his teardown of the match, going so far as to call most of the other participants "clowns".

“In a match with these f*cking clowns – well I won’t even root Darby in with that, he’s got a little something – but Sting; that name, that legacy, that reputation. It’s like a radio station had a contest to see who gets to get up on stage and sing with Mick Jagger.” [00:41 - 00:59]

Although the live crowd seemingly enjoyed the match and seeing The Icon in action, it is safe to say that Cornette was not impressed by this piece of booking by Tony Khan.

Jim Cornette recalls Sting's time in TNA

On the same episode of his podcast, Jim Cornette claimed that money was the primary reason for the WWE Hall of Famer not retiring over a decade ago. The two shared time together in TNA.

“It’s hard to feel sorry for somebody that’s making as much money as Sting is. I remember back in [2008] in TNA, everybody kept saying well Sting wants to retire but Dixie [Carter] keeps throwing 500 grand a year at him to just come to TV every couple of weeks. Well, you know Tony is paying him more 15 years later. But do you have to just sh*t on the […] guy?” [00:19 - 00:40]
@WSBFun TNA Sting was the most fun he ever was

At 64 years old, The Icon probably does not have too much time left between the ropes. Nonetheless, Jim Cornette will be hoping to see some changes in the way the WWE Hall of Famer is presented in AEW.

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