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  • "Hopefully he'll quit sending di** pics" - RVD reacts to Matt Riddle's WWE release and future
RVD has opened up about Matt Riddle's WWE Release

"Hopefully he'll quit sending di** pics" - RVD reacts to Matt Riddle's WWE release and future

WWE Hall of Famer RVD has opened up about how he feels about Matt Riddle being released by World Wrestling Entertainment.

Riddle officially announced that he was no longer with the company on September 22, moments before Smackdown was meant to air. This came after a period of time away from the company due to an incident at JFK Airport in New York, where he claimed a police officer sexually assaulted him.


Someone who knows Riddle very well is Rob Van Dam, who took to his podcast "1 of a Kind" to talk about the former WWE United States Champion and what could be in his future. But before he did that, he opened up about the two of them met.

"I met Matt Riddle at the Playboy Mansion at a party years ago after the Ultimate Fighter. This was a Medical Marijuana Policy Project fundraiser, which they used to have annually at the Playboy Mansion, and then eventually Hugh quit having parties at the mansion from outsiders and then it just went all downhill after that, but that's where I had met him so a lot of people think that's a pretty cool story and he seems to not be able to stay out of trouble." (H/T Wrestling News.co)
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Van Dam went on to say that he will eventually get another chance in wrestling or MMA, but that he needs to keep his pants on and stay out of trouble if he wants that second chance to present itself.

"He'll get another chance I'm sure, but I feel like he got so many chances that they felt like they're not going to be taken seriously unless some consequences are shown. I think they'll be temporary and that could be by the Universe, not necessarily by the company, but he'll definitely go somewhere productive from here and hopefully he'll quit sending di** pics or whatever it is that he's doing on his off time that gives him so much heat." (H/T Wrestling News.co)

Another WWE Hall of Famer doesn't believe Matt Riddle should join AEW

Once Matt Riddle was released by WWE, a portion of wrestling fans immediately gravitated to the idea of him joining AEW. Riddle does have a history with a number of people in All Elite Wrestling from his time on the independent scene, having stand-out matches against the likes of Keith Lee, Kyle O'Reilly, and The Young Bucks.

But WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray doesn't see an upside for AEW president Tony Khan when it comes to potentially signing Matt Riddle, claiming that any company who truly cares about their perception won't take a chance on him.

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Bully Ray did note that a company like GCW could potentially take a chance on Riddle, as it would be a huge star coming to an independent promotion.

Do you think Matt Riddle should join AEW? Let us know in the comments section below!

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