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Jon Moxley is a former three-time AEW World Champion

"I live in pain on a day-to-day basis" - Jon Moxley makes a sad confession

AEW star Jon Moxley recently made a heartfelt confession while addressing his competition in the AEW Continental Classic Tournament.

The former AEW World Champion moved to 2-0 in the tournament with a win over Jay Lethal on the latest episode of Dynamite. Jon Moxley and Swerve Strickland are the only competitors without a loss in the Gold League.


Speaking in a video posted after Dynamite by AEW on their Twitter account, Jon Moxley explained the amount of pain he suffers daily and stated that he's sick of it:

"I live in pain on a day-to-day basis like most people can't even imagine and now, on top of that, I feel like my head is not screwed on straight all the time lately. I have doctors prescribing me this medication and that medication. I'm just sick of it all. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. I'm sick and tired of being pissed off, of my body failing me. I'm sick and tired of being depressed. Sick and tired of being pissed off about the entire last year. I'm just sick and tired of being pissed off." [H/T: Fightful]
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Jon Moxley reveals an interesting conversation he had with Tony Khan

Jon Moxley recently spoke about a conversation he had with AEW CEO Tony Khan on how he wanted things before signing a contract with the Jacksonville-based promotion.


Speaking with Liam Crowley of ComicBook.com, Moxley revealed details about the conversation he had with with the boss regarding hardcore matches:

"When it comes to matches like that, that's one small thing that we can do differently than anybody else in this s**t. That was one thing I remember, telling (AEW President) Tony [Khan] that when I first came in. 'If you're going to put me in one of these matches, be careful what you wish for, because I am not in the business of under-delivering.'"

Mox continued:

AEW has been able to consistently deliver on that. I think it's very important for us to always remember where this started in the first place, which was the need in the industry for an alternative. We should always be different. We should always be thinking about what we can deliver that nobody else can. Otherwise, we're just another wrestling company, of which there have been a million.
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