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Tony Khan (left) and Kevin Nash (right).

"It's the kind of person Tony is" - Kevin Nash comments on AEW's active stance against mass cuts

WWE's recent batch of mass personnel cuts has prompted many to question whether AEW could soon do the same. However, Tony Khan gave a definitive answer to this, saying that he has no intention to do so. Now wrestling veteran Kevin Nash has responded to these comments.

Nash was quick to praise Tony Khan for his passion for the wrestling industry but also noted that company releases at AEW's level are not the same as at WWE's level. The Hall of Famer said the following on his Kliq This podcast:

"My question would be to that is, 'Do you have fu**ing 100 people in your staff?' I mean, if he cut 100 people, would he have anybody on his staff? I'm just saying it's very, very easy, you know, to run a hot dog stand and they fu**ing shut down four franchise restaurants at Burger King and you're like, 'Well, we'd never do that because we only have this hot dog stand.' It [Burger King] is larger and publicly traded. There's a lot of intangibles. It's the kind of person Tony is. He's not sniping. He's not saying that to be malicious. He's just saying it because he's a kind human being and I know he loves this industry, but it's just completely different." [H/T: WrestlingNews.co]
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"Burger King," in this case WWE, does have a wider array of corporate responsibilities because of the sheer magnitude of the company.


Nonetheless, it is warming to know that Tony Khan plans to keep his employees in a job without any unforeseen circumstances.


What did Tony Khan have to say about mass cuts in AEW?

Addressing WWE's recent releases, Tony Khan said he would not allow the same thing to happen in his company because "that's just how [he] was raised."

Many saw this as a not-so-sly dig at the competition, and former WWE writer Vince Russo even claimed that this mentality is hurting AEW's product.

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To this point, Tony Khan has proven to be true to this word, but as AEW continues to grow and bring in new talent and backstage personnel, what is to say about the future for the Jacksonville-based promotion and their stance against mass layoffs?


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