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The Death Rider is having the time of his life in AEW!

Jon Moxley reportedly requested 2 AEW stars to end their decade-old real-life animosity

AEW star Eddie Kingston recently revealed that Jon Moxley played a pivotal role in helping him simmer down his legitimate heat with Claudio Castagnoli.

Kingston and Castagnoli haven't gotten along with each other in real life and have developed enmity from their time on the independents. Despite working in different promotions over the years, the two men continued their beef on social media.


Now, almost a decade later, destiny has brought them together under the same roof in AEW. Though The Mad King initially appeared to escalate issues with the Swiss star on television, it looks like the two men have now reconciled.

Speaking on ESPR, Kingston divulged that Moxley specifically asked him to bury the hatchet with Claudio, though he still doesn't trust the Swiss Cyborg:

"Me and Claudio are cool now, but I don't trust him," Kingston said. "Only reason me and Caludio are cool is because Mox [Jon Moxley] asked me."

The 40-year-old, however, hasn't been on talking terms with William Regal because of the latter's fondness for Bryan Danielson, with whom he has also clashed on a personal level:

"I don't talk to him [Regal] because he's a Bryan fan. He really likes Bryan and he really likes Claudio," Kingston continued. "I told Mox that I would never be cool with Bryan," he added. [H/T- Comicbook]
Eddie Kingston actually FIST BUMPED Claudio!!!


Did Eddie Kingston and Claudio Castagnoli tease reigniting their rivalry in AEW?

The two pro-wrestling veterans might be on good terms now, but they still have a score to settle.


Kingston and Castagnoli haven't faced each other since 2011 when the Blackpool Combat Club member defeated the Mad King at an event in the now-defunct company, Chikara.

Earlier this year, they did join forces to fight The Jericho Appreciation Society in a Blood and Guts match on the namesake episode of AEW Dynamite. Claudio stole Kingston's spotlight by securing a win for his team.

The storytelling in that finish was brilliant. Claudio Castagnoli stole Eddie Kingston's thunder by leading the team to victory despite the fact that they were co-existing in the match.

This feud is going to be tremendous.

Many believe the company planted the seeds for an imminent feud, but it hasn't come to fruition yet.

With both men engaged in different rivalries at the moment, it may be a while before Tony Khan pulls the trigger on this buzzworthy feud.

Do you want to see these two veterans face each other in AEW? Sound off in the comment section below.

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