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Kevin Nash compares Kenny Omega to his stable-mate

Kevin Nash says AEW star Kenny Omega reminds him of 2-time WWE Hall of Famer

Kevin Nash is one of the most iconic personae from the Attitude era. He's had fantastic runs in several wrestling promotions, including WWE and WCW. He recently spoke about Kenny Omega and what he thinks about him.

On the podcast Kliq THIS, he spoke about Omega's match with a nine-year-old girl and described his fighting style.

"Has anybody seen the match that Kenny Omega had with an 8-year-old Japanese girl? I watched it last night, and some of that s–t looked stiff," Nash said. "Kenny reminds me of Sean Waltman — where he can just have a match with anybody. I've always been a huge fan of Kenny's because of the fact that Kenny would even do that match. [It] was another notch in why he's my favorite [wrestler]." (H/T Wrestlinginc)

Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman were part of the infamous Kliq, the WWE stable that formed the base for the real-life friendship of Nash, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Waltman - and was rumored to have a lot of pull in the locker room as well.

Sean Waltman was one of the members and later went on to wrestle as X-Pac in WWE. Fans credit him with being one of the first wrestlers with an aggressive, high-flying wrestling move-set.


Kevin Nash confirms he's not returning to wrestling

While many former wrestlers make returns to the ring and remain relevant for years, Kevin Nash has confirmed that he is not returning to wrestling anytime soon.


It all began when Nash joked that he'd return to the WWE to thrash out CM Punk if he returned to the Stamford-based company. However, the next day, he clarified on his podcast Kliq THIS that he wasn't 'looking to get back.'

"Woke up the next day, minimal soreness... you know. I'm sorry, I'm putting some size back on. It's just like... I promise you man, all I want to do is go to the gym and I'm not looking to... I'm just not, I mean... I'm not looking to get in the ring," Nash said. [46:21 - 46:45]

What do you think? Does the artist formerly known as Diesel still have some wrestling juice in him? Tell us in the comments section.

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