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Are The Hardys going to turn heel in AEW?

Major possible heel storyline for The Hardys in AEW teased

It's almost impossible to imagine The Hardys as bad guys in wrestling given how beloved they are by fans, but it seems that a possible heel turn might be on the horizon.

One of the biggest talking points concerning AEW at the moment is the lack of focus on younger stars, with Matt and Jeff Hardy being seen as a prime example of two guys who keep getting airtime ahead of younger members of the roster that fans think are more deserving.


Matt in particular has noticed this discourse on social media and stated in the latest episode of "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy" that he and his brother could lean into the hate and turn heel.

"So I feel like the natural thing to play off of is like channel that frustration and kind of put it into what we’re doing. And to those people, if they hate us, we will give them a reason to hate us, you know what I mean? And there’s something we can do there to evolve our characters and once again reinvent into something we’ve never done. Because there’s never been really like an aggressive take by any means necessary like cheat if you have to or break the rules if you have to or be bad Hardy Boys version of the Hardys." (H/T Inside The Ropes)
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Hardy admitted that they have both been heels at separate points in their careers, but never as a team, meaning that they could reinvent themselves one more time before hanging up their boots.

"We’ve done stuff is broken Broken Matt and Brother Nero there was a time where he was the Antichrist. Obviously, I’ve been heel because I was like, you know, more of the heel because he was all historically the more popular the two of us, you know, but I think the two of us together as in a new role, I think it would be very refreshing. I think it’s something that we could use to kind of like, get back to where we want to be. (H/T Inside The Ropes)

Are The Hardys frustrated in AEW?

While fans are frustrated with AEW not focusing on younger stars, it seems that Matt Hardy is frustrated that AEW is not focusing on him and his brother.

In the same episode of his podcast, Matt stated that he's frustrated at the fact that The Hardys are being overlooked in All Elite Wrestling, despite the fact that they are one of the most decorated teams on the roster.

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The Hardys teamed up with Isiah Kassidy on the most recent edition of Dynamite to take on Top Flight and Action Andretti in a high-flying affair that they ended up losing.

Do you think The Hardys should be used more? Let us know in the comments section below!

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