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Matt Hardy is a former champion

Matt Hardy feels no one is safe after 43-year-old star's shocking WWE release

The outspoken Matt Hardy has expressed his shock at the WWE release of a popular star. The name in question is Dolph Ziggler.

WWE released several superstars following its merger with UFC, sending shockwaves through the industry. Many up-and-coming names and industry veterans, including Ziggler, Shelton Benjamin, and Mustafa Ali, departed the promotion. Some fans and pro wrestlers were not pleased by the development, sharing their concerns on social media.


On a recent episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the veteran mentioned how talent releases make superstars question their future in the business. Matt added that he was shocked that WWE decided to release Ziggler since he had been loyal to the company for years.

"[The releases] just make people question like, 'Am I next?' It makes them walk on eggshells, and it makes them very worried and anxious about what the future may hold even for them. It's just tough, especially when you see those mascots, especially when you have someone like a Dolph Ziggler, who you think as long as he is around and healthy, he's going to have a job and be employed because he's been very loyal and very faithful to WWE. If he can get [a release notice], then anybody can get it more or less." (H/T WrestlingInc)

Ziggler was signed to the company for nearly two decades, between 2004 and 2023. The 43-year-old captured multiple titles during his run, including the World Heavyweight, United States, and Intercontinental Championships. Before his abrupt exit, the WWE Universe wanted him to return to the main event picture and become world champion again.


Matt Hardy believes 'not being a politicker' harmed Dolph Ziggler's chances of becoming a top star


Matt Hardy was a part of WWE for years and shared the ring with multiple major names. He is currently signed to AEW and is integral to the promotion's tag team division alongside his brother, Jeff Hardy.

In the same podcast episode, Matt speculated that The Showoff struggled in his career because he was 'not a politicker.'

"He's [Dolph Ziggler] very much of the same mentality that I am, and he's very easygoing. He just wants to be there. He just wants to do a good job, he wants to go out and wrestle, bust his as*. He's not problematic. He's not a politicker. He just goes to work and does his job."

Matt Hardy further explained how sometimes talents need to consistently interact with promoters to ensure their growth.

"To his defense, to our defense, I mean, that's not a bad thing. But it also can be something that holds you back in some capacity too if you're not constantly politicking and trying to get your sh*t in and trying to make sure you got your finger on the pulse of the promoter and what he's doing and where you're going. Sometimes you have to be super interactive to stay on top of your sh*t to make sure something happens like that." [From 46:30 to 47:10]

Interestingly, Dolph Ziggler's real-life brother, Ryan Nemeth, is an active member of the AEW roster. The Showoff could join his brother and Matt Hardy in the Tony Khan-led company and embark on another stellar run after departing WWE.

What do you think? Will the Nemeth brothers unite in AEW? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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