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What caused Jon Moxley’s concussion at AEW Dynamite Grand Slam?

Piledrivers not the cause for Jon Moxley's injury at AEW Grand Slam – Reports

Former WWE Champion, Jon Moxley suffered a minor concussion on AEW's latest episode of Dynamite Grand Slam. However, as per a recent report, the concussion didn't occur during the spot that everyone might be thinking of.

Jon Moxley defended his AEW International Championship against Rey Fenix at the Arthur Ashe Stadium show. It was a brutal spot-fest as expected and both gave it their all with the title on the line. In the end, Fenix shockingly put Mox down for a three-count to win the title.


However, it looked like a botched finish, as the referee seemingly forgot to count to three after the first Piledriver attempt by Fenix, resulting in him having to hit a second one in order to finish the match. Moreover, reports of Mox suffering a minor concussion also surfaced on the internet after the match.

The wrestling community claimed that Moxley's concussion happened during the dangerous-looking Piledriver at the end. However, Dave Meltzer revealed a new update while speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, claiming that Mox didn't suffer the concussion during Piledrivers, but earlier on in the bout.

"He was okay backstage. He was diagnosed with a mild concussion and he was not hurt by either Piledriver... You'd get a concussion, but it was early on and you know it's not a good thing to work a match after a concussion, that's for sure. But neither of those piledrivers hurt him at all. So, as far as that aspect goes, that wasn't the dangerous spot. Working the match was dangerous, there is no doubt, that's not a good thing."

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When will Jon Moxley return to the ring?

While the situation regarding Jon Moxley seems to be concerning, it was revealed to be a minor concussion as per the reports. Well, mild concussions can take a week or a month for recovery. However, Mox went on to wrestle even after getting concussed early in his match.

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Henceforth, it remains to be seen when exactly Mox will be able to return to AEW TV and what's next for him after losing the International title.

How do you feel about Jon Moxley losing the International title? Let us know in the comments section down below!.

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