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Ricky Starks(left); The Rock(center); LA Knight(right)

Ricky Starks has 3-word response after a fan says LA Knight is a better "The Rock" than him

AEW star Ricky Starks had a concise three-word response when a fan suggested that WWE star LA Knight is a better version of "The Rock" than him.

Ricky Starks' delivery of impactful promos has drawn comparisons to legendary wrestler The Rock. Fans have taken notice of his talent and have eagerly awaited his rise in the industry.


Meanwhile, LA Knight has been turning heads in the WWE Universe with his electrifying performances. Despite not receiving a significant push thus far, his popularity continues to soar, prompting some fans to compare him to the iconic Dwayne Johnson.

However, a fan recently took to Twitter to express their belief that WWE's LA Knight surpasses Starks as the better "The Rock" currently in the industry. Ricky Starks responded to the fan's comment with a simple three-word response.

"Nice thank you," Starks wrote.

Check out his tweet below:


Both stars are on an upward trajectory when it comes to their characters and in-ring work, and the future seems bright for them.

AEW star Ricky Starks commented on comparisons with The Rock

AEW star Ricky Starks addressed the comparisons made between himself and The Rock. During a recent interview with The PWI Podcast, Starks expressed his frustration with these comparisons. He stated that it bothers him because people accuse him of copying the legend.

“Well, the only thing that bothers me is when people try to say that I’m actually actively copying The Rock with the way I dress and all this other dumb sh--. It does p--- me off because I’ve never gone into wrestling trying to copy The Rock. I’ve never studied The Rock’s promos to do exactly how he does. Everything I do, it comes from my head. It comes from how I feel and how I want to look. So when I hear people say that and discredit my originality, it does bother me a bit,” Starks said.
Ricky Starks is not The Rock! Ricky Starks is ABSOLUTEly Ricky Starks and ain't nothing wrong with that!

Starks was in action on the latest edition of AEW Dynamite, where he lost to Jay White. With Forbidden Door coming up on June 25, it remains to be seen who he will face at the event.

What are your thoughts on Starks being compared to The Rock? Sound off in the comments section below.

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