The Bloodline have made their presence felt on both RAW and SmackDown

"Single handedly burying himself" – Twitter savagely roasts released AEW star for taking a dig at The Bloodline following Survivor Series WarGames

The Bloodline exerted their dominance yet again at Survivor Series: WarGames where they defeated The Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre, and Kevin Owens. A couple of days after the show, Bobby Fish shared a post of The Undisputed Era at NXT WarGames along with The Tribal Chief's faction.

The former AEW star tagged every member of The Bloodline in addition to Triple H and Shawn Michaels, which garnered mixed reactions from the wrestling fraternity.


The Roman Reigns-led faction has always donned similar themed t-shirts. And they took it up a notch at the Premium Live Event wherein all members wore red except for their leader. However, Fish's attempt to call out the comparisons between his former NXT faction and the men's WarGame winners did not work well in his favor.

Fan instantly took to Twitter to mock the former WWE star citing that many factions wore similar themed or colored wrestling gear:

@WrestlingNewsCo Lol I'm sure Roman Reigns doesn't even know who Bobby Fish is 🤣
@WrestlingNewsCo Bobby Fish is so old, he invented stables in wrestling.
No wonder they never let Bobby Fish talk in NXT lol
@Hells_Harley How much Fish would Bobby Fish Fry if Bobby Fish could Fry Fish?
Damn, just a bunch of Bobby Fish wannabes……
My man created the color red, he wants his check
@WrestlingNewsCo Bobby Fish bout to file a copyright for the color red.
@WrestlingNewsCo No one wears red but Bobby Fish. It's true.
Man Bobby Fish is my dude and I loved Undisputed Era but
To be fair Bobby Fish did create the color red in the year 4000 BC.
@RDB_KING1 Bobby Fish single handedly burying himself. I think we can now accept his take on Punk with the CTE infused state it deserves

What's next for The Bloodline?


Ever since Sami Zayn joined the clan as The Honorary Uce, there's never been a dull moment. At the Survivor Series Premium Live Event, he showcased his allegiance to the group and managed to turn Jey Uso into an ally.

After the event, it was reported that there was tension backstage between the undisputed WWE Universal Champion and Kevin Owens. During their match, the Canadian star had slapped Reigns in an unplanned spot which seemingly infuriated him.

The Bloodline Dominance Continues 🫂

@SamiZayn stole the show by putting up a key contribution to The Bloodline’s triumph at the #SurvivorSeries

What do you think of this turn of events at the #WarGames?


Roman Reigns has surpassed the two-year mark, and counting, as Universal Champion. Rumor has it that Kevin Owens is set to be the next challenger for the titles.

Do you think Kevin Owens can dethrone The Tribal Chief? Sound off in the comments below.

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