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CM Punk and Stephen Amell (left to right)

Starz's popular wrestling drama 'Heels' starring Stephen Amell and CM Punk gets canceled

The wrestling drama series Heels, which featured former AEW star CM Punk and Stephen Amell, has been canceled after just two seasons.

The Heels series was not the only one to be canceled, as satellite television company Starz also axed shows like Run the World and Blindspotting. This is down to the SAG-AFTRA strike that has seen artists across the United States protest over an ongoing labor dispute.


Heels had CM Punk feature as a recurring guest star. Punk played the character of Ricky Rabies, a nomadic wrestler. His wife, AJ Lee, also featured in the second season as a character named Elle Dorado.

Stephen Amell was pretty stoked during the premiere of the second season. He spoke with ComicBook.com, where he addressed his character development in the show.

"I remember reading the first script and going like, 'Okay, how is Jack going to deal with this?'" Amell said. "He's had this massive success, but then he gets out of the ring and he he has nothing to show for it. Sure, they've got some money and they can pay some of their bills, but he comes home to an empty house. It's in that moment that things start to change." [H/T Comicbook]

Fans of the show will be sad that a promising series revolving around wrestling has come to a premature end.

Matt Riddle more popular than CM Punk among WWE circles


CM Punk is not the most liked person in WWE, thanks to his past. That has once again been confirmed by veteran wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer.

Meltzer was speaking on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio when he mentioned how Matt Riddle, who recently got released, was more popular than Punk among WWE management.

"There's a lot of people with bad feelings in management about CM Punk in WWE, but there's nobody in management with a bad feeling about Matt Riddle," Meltzer said.
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After his controversial final run with All Elite Wrestling, it might be even more difficult for Punk to come back to WWE if what Meltzer said is true.

What do you make of Punk’s situation after Meltzer’s recent comments? Sound off in the comments below.

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