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Tony Khan is AEW's President, CEO and head booker.

"That S*cks" - Former AEW star delivers a blunt message to Tony Khan, calls one of his shows "Dark Deluxe"

AEW has seen some dismal television ratings for its shows. Photos of empty seats at their venues are all over social media. While fans are always talking about them, one former AEW star has also reacted to those pictures.

That wrestler is none other than Joey Janela, who was with the Jacksonville-based company from 2019 until his contract expired in 2022. Janela had some suggestions on how Khan can change the tide, right from some booking ideas to management tactics.

"That S*cks, run smaller buildings 100%, Why isn’t this in the NYC market? And run ROH like an independent promotion 3-4 shows a month, find a booker and someone to run the ship Tony doesn’t have to be there. I guarantee a huge increase in honor club subscribers and a better overall exciting product for fans. This is AEW Dark deluxe" he posted.

Check out the post here:

Joey Janela's tweet

AEW Dark was a YouTube show streaming matches that took place before or after the main match cards of either Dynamite or Rampage. The show was later canceled after the addition of Collision.

Janela's post might seem harsh, but it is not the first to recommend Tony Khan take a 'hands-off' approach to the booking.


AEW is getting flak for its booking

Tony Khan, the head booker for the Jacksonville-based company, has earlier earned flak for his booking decisions and other aspects of his programming. Vince Russo, who fans consider to be the inventor of the 'Crash TV' concept, had earlier publically asked Tony to give him booking rights for his shows. Another wrestling icon, Eric Bischoff, had used a negative term to describe matches that Khan and his creative team book.

While the booking might be raising questions, the fact stands that the Jacksonville-based company is also bleeding numbers at the ratings table. The viewership numbers for Rampage and Collision are down by 40% to 50% compared to last year.

What do you think? Should Tony Khan step away from booking? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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