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  • “They made him out to be the biggest dumbf**k on AEW” - Konnan thinks Tony Khan mishandled current WWE star 
Konnan criticised a former AEW star's character

“They made him out to be the biggest dumbf**k on AEW” - Konnan thinks Tony Khan mishandled current WWE star 

Wrestling legend Konnan recently addressed a former AEW star's character during his time in Tony Khan's promotion. The star in question is Lexis King.

Current NXT Superstar Lexis King, formerly known as Brian Pillman Jr., made his WWE debut on October 13. During his time in the Jacksonville-based promotion, King was a part of The Varsity Blondes alongside Griff Garrison for much of his run. The 30-year-old star was also given a single push, which seemingly didn't go as planned.


While speaking on Keepin' It 100, Konnan talked about King's character and what prevented the latter from becoming a top star in AEW.

"He is a bright guy. They made him out to be the biggest dumbf**k on AEW ... And you're being insulted in your hometown and made to look like a c**k. Remember when he stood in front of him [MJF] and he dared him to do something and he didn't? ... How is this in any way helping this guy?" said Konnan. [H/T - WrestlingINC]

Former AEW star Lexis King talks about following his father in pro wrestling


Lexis King's father, the late Brian Pillman, was one of the most dynamic characters the business had ever seen. The former WCW and WWE star had a knack for keeping both the fans and his colleagues guessing as to what his true intentions were.

While speaking on the Hall of Fame podcast, the 30-year-old star discussed why he pursued pro wrestling.

"You know, I think about that a lot, and I feel like I never had a choice. I felt like it was always in my blood for the fact that the day he decided he was going to name me Brian Pillman. I was trapped, it was everywhere I go. It's a household name in Cincinnati where I grew up, and I couldn't escape that legacy, couldn't escape all the reminders of him. And to be fair, he didn't exactly leave me a choice," Lexis King said.

The former AEW star left Tony Khan's company in July 2023 after his contract expired and is now thriving in NXT.

What do you think of Lexis King's character in WWE? Let us know in the comments section below.

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