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Konnan (left); Tony Khan (right)

Tony Khan may be looking to bury top AEW star before his potential move to WWE, says Konnan

Wrestling veteran Konnan believes Tony Khan might have an ulterior move behind a popular AEW star's underwhelming booking.

Miro made his All Elite Wrestling debut on the September 9, 2020, edition of Dynamite, almost five months after his WWE exit. While he won the TNT Title in the promotion and had a 140-day reign with the gold, The Redeemer's booking in the last 12 months has been questionable.


In fact, Miro competed in just four matches in 2022, with his last in-ring encounter taking place at the All Out pay-per-view in September. He, Sting, and Darby Allin defeated the House of Black in a six-person contest at the event.

While speaking on a recent edition of the Keepin' It 100 podcast, Disco Inferno and Konnan discussed why Tony Khan hasn't released Miro yet. The former WCW World Television Champion chimed in and stated that Khan may not want The Redeemer to have momentum in AEW if he wants to move to WWE in the future:

"I'm wondering though if [...] remember when Miro won the TNT belt and he was really over. Remember? The good promos, the people were really into him and he had that aggressive style. I think he [Tony Khan] might have thought then, 'why am I going to give him to WWE, hot?' If you get him, you'll get him cold. But to me it's like, bro, wouldn't you rather save money," said Konnan. [0:46-1:16]

You can check out the full results of Rampage HERE.


Vince Russo recently questioned Miro's booking in AEW

While speaking on a recent edition of Sportskeeda's The Wrestling Outlaws, Russo recalled Miro signing with AEW.

He then said that Tony Khan failed to keep his promise of turning The Redeemer into a top star in the Jacksonville-based promotion:

"I do recall his signing to AEW, and verbatim the owner of AEW saying ‘I’m going to make him the top star in wrestling.’ So, I don’t know what happened to that. I’m not a fly on the wall for that conversation, but somebody said they were gonna do something and it didn’t happen." [01:22 onward]

It will be interesting to see if Miro will be able to revitalize his career in All Elite Wrestling, or if he looks to force a move from the promotion in the future.

Do you see Miro joining WWE under Triple H's leadership? Let us know in the comments section below.

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