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Did Vince McMahon steal this legendary AEW star?

Top AEW star recalls secret meeting with Vince McMahon before signing with WWE

WWE has dominated the wrestling industry for decades by luring some of the biggest names to sign with them. Former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho recently claimed that a secret meeting with Vince McMahon solidified his WWF debut.

Before his 1999 WWE debut, Chris Jericho was an upper-mid-carder in WCW. Despite finding some success, the future Y2J wasn't satisfied with his booking and decided to jump ship to WCW's direct competitor.


During the recent Talk Is Jericho, the veteran claimed his mind was already made up even before he met with Vince McMahon:

"Yes, I even had the meeting at Vince’s house, which was unbelievable. I was under contract with WCW and Vince brought me to his house. I had already made up my mind that I wanted to go to work for WWF." (H/T: Fightful)
Chris Jericho’s WWF debut pop in 1999 is still unmatched


Despite the good meeting, Chris Jericho hasn't always had good interactions with the former WWE Chairman. The veteran recently recalled having told McMahon to "f**k himself" shortly after his run as the inaugural WWE Undisputed Champion.

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Chris Jericho revealed that disagreements surrounding his salary in WCW led to him jumping toward WWE

Today, Jericho is one of the most recognizable figures in pro wrestling and arguably one of the biggest names in AEW. However, during his run with WCW, the veteran was in a much different position.

The time Chris Jericho got a cheque from WCW for $0.15

During the same Talk is Jericho episode, Jericho recalled a conversation with WCW officials that led him to seek greener pastures:

"Remember the tiered contract system? In WCW, Scott Norton and Stevie Ray and those types of guys were making 750 grand. 350 for me, wasn’t really all that much money in comparison to the other guys. They came back with that deal, it was structured, ‘if they sell this many tickets, you’ll make this much.’" (H/T: Fightful)

Luckily for the veteran, his gamble paid off and he left WCW a few years before the promotion would fall apart. Chris Jericho ended up becoming one of the biggest names in pro wrestling and is now a locker room leader in AEW while many of his former peers are retired.

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