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Could the referee have prevented Jon Moxley's injury at AEW Dynamite Grand Slam?

UFC legend slams AEW referee involved in Jon Moxley's recent match

Jon Moxley recently suffered a concussion during his match at AEW Dynamite Grand Slam. The slow reaction from the official has drawn a lot of criticism and now, UFC legend Josh Barnett has chimed in to give his take on it.

During his bout with Rey Fenix, despite already being delirious from his concussion, the official didn't end the match and instead allowed him to receive a second Piledriver moments after the first.


Barnett recently took to social media to first show concern for Jon Moxley. However, the veteran then went into a profound criticism of pro wrestling as well as the bout.

"I really, really hope Jon is OK. That is number one over anything else here. However, this ref completely blew the one job he had. Even worse is that this sort of thing from modern Pro Wrestling refs isn't new or that uncommon. The match is underway. The move has been hit. If the down wrestler is injured/unable to kick out for whatever reason, then you count them pinned. Period. End of story."
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The post continued:

"Stopping on the 3 with a clearly flat shoulder can't be gimmicked or bulls***ted - you just f**ked up the whole point of these men having a match and for us to watch it. Also, add in if a wrestler was injured and unable to kick out, you also just made everything doubly worse because the injury cannot be undone and that is already an issue moving forward."

Additionally, Barnett claimed that having the match continue at that point ruins any momentum the other star might have received. Dave Meltzer has since updated fans on Jon Moxley's condition, and according to his report, it was a minor concussion.

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Jim Cornette isn't surprised about Jon Moxley's advanced arthritis

Not too long ago, Jon Moxley opened up about his health and revealed that he suffers from arthritis. According to his doctors, it's so advanced that it's comparable to a 72-year-old man's arthritis. Moxley also noted that it affects his ability to move early in the morning.

During an episode of Jim Cornette's Drive-Thru, the veteran reacted to Jon Moxley's arthritis diagnosis.

"I’m not going to laugh about a guy’s legitimate bad medical diagnosis and make fun of him, but I’m not surprised. I’m not surprised at the diagnosis. I don’t know why he would be because he, by choice and by design, spends his life going through furniture."

Cornette also noted that it's likely being worsened by Moxley's habit of competing at indie shows, where he takes his extreme to another level. Jim Cornette also criticized Jon Moxley for seemingly still trying to prove himself to the fans at this stage of his career.

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