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Tony Khan on this week's episode of AEW Dynamite

[Watch] Tony Khan does AEW star's dance after Grand Slam goes off the air

AEW President Tony Khan has drawn much attention for his antics over the years. However, no one can question his passion for the business. He recently showed off his dance moves in front of the crowd attending this week's Dynamite.

Fans have been critical of some AEW stars' over-the-top gimmicks since the promotion's inception. However, Daniel Garcia's recent persona has seemingly resonated with the audience as his dance moves have grabbed several eyeballs.


Tony Khan often engages with the audience once AEW shows go off the air, and last night's Dynamite was no different. Garcia performed his signature dance for the spectators, and Khan shocked the crowd by attempting it himself.

Check out the clip below:

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It remains to be seen what could be next for Daniel Garcia after he turned his back on Chris Jericho. Before joining the Jericho Appreciation Society, Garcia seemed destined for a singles push. Hence, fans might expect him to embark on a solo run in the coming months.


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The AEW star once choked out one of his friends in public

The Red Death is apparently portraying a comedic persona now, but he is known for being a tough competitor. Many technical wrestlers have praised Daniel Garcia for his abilities in the ring, but it seems his skills are not limited to the squared circle.


According to indie star Myung-Jae Lee, Daniel Garcia once choked him out while they were eating at a CoreLife Eatery.

"We go and eat our food, and Dan [Garcia] started to put a little chokehold on me. I know to just tap. I'm not dumb, I'm not going to fight it. I tap immediately, but he doesn't let go. When he finally lets go, I literally pass out and fall to the ground in this CoreLife Eatery. It was crazy. I'm surprised it didn't make headlines." (H/T: WrestlingINC.)
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Now that Sammy Guevara has betrayed Chris Jericho, could Garcia realign himself with his former mentor? Only time will tell.

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