Kenny Omega was bitten during the AEW All Out backstage brawl

"Don’t see how he got bit by saving the dog" - Wrestling veteran questions Kenny Omega's 'injury' during the AEW All Out backstage melee

Wrestling veteran Jim Cornette commented on Kenny Omega's role during the AEW All Out backstage brawl.

After the pay-per-view on September 4th, CM Punk and Ace Steel got involved in a reported backstage fight with Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks. There were reports of Ace Steel allegedly biting Omega during the incident. Other reports suggested that he was bitten by Punk's dog Larry. It also came to light that Omega was trying to break up the fight but Steel thought the latter was trying to crossface him and ended up biting Kenny.


Speaking on his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, Cornette struggled to find out how the former AEW World Champion got involved in the fight.

"A little about halfway in between the the crook of the elbow and the the meat of the inside of the arm which would obviously be the perfect place for somebody to bite you if you were in the process of trying to put a fucking rear choke on him. So I don’t see how he got bit by saving the dog, wouldn’t you need both arms to pick up a dog and carry it to safety from a burning building or a locker room brawl?" (via ITR)

He reached the conclusion that he was not bitten by Punk's dog and opined that it's difficult for Ace Steel to bite him unless Omega's hand was wrapped around the former's head.

"The dog didn’t bite him. At least Larry Talbot has not been accused of biting him. So how in the world did Ace Steel manage to get his teeth right there inside Kenny Omega’s forearm? I wonder unless Kenny Omega’s forearm was being wrapped around his head at the time.” (via ITR)
Uhh... that is the bite mark on Kenny Omega's arm

Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks were stripped off their titles as a result of the brawl

The brawl began when the Elite confronted CM Punk after the latter's comments on them at the media scrum. This led to severe consequences for Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks. They were stripped off their AEW Trios Championships, which they won at the All Out pay-per-view.

CM Punk also had his AEW World Championship taken away from him by Tony Khan. All the stars who were involved in the fight were suspended and will not be a part of the company's programming until an investigation being carried out by a third party comes to an end.

No #BeingTheElite this week. On hiatus until further notice.

Omega and the Young Bucks also confirmed the news on the trio's official Twitter account. It remains to be seen how their future will be shaped in AEW.

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