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MJF and Adam Cole are AEW's sweethearts.

Potential disappointing update on MJF and Adam Cole's upcoming match at AEW WrestleDream

AEW WrestleDream will be taking place in less than two weeks. Unfortunately, for any fans hoping to see MJF defend his AEW World Championship, this might not be the case according to reports.

Friedman and Adam Cole's pairing has been one of the most over storylines in the promotion's recent history. The two are currently the reigning ROH World Tag Team Champions, and it seems like that will be front and center at the pay-per-view.


According to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, MJF and Adam Cole are set to take on The Righteous at AEW WrestleDream.

"I cannot even begin to understand this. [At] the Seattle pay-per-view, [MJF] and Adam Cole are wrestling The Righteous. I mean, the World Champion? We were thinking like: who's he gonna defend the title against in Seattle? It's bad enough to be a tag match but against The Righteous?"
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However, considering that Cole hurt his ankle during last night's Dynamite, these plans might not go through after all. According to reports, The Panama Playboy was taken to the hospital following the show.


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The AEW World Champion recently reacted to being lower than El Hijo Del Vikingo on the PWI 500

This year's PWI 500 has already been awfully controversial, despite many praising the former Shield members for taking the top three spots. Many praised Vikingo's position at number five, but MJF took issue with being ranked at number six.


During a recent interview with Mike Janela, Friedman took a shot at El Hijo Del Vikingo and claimed that nobody remembers his matches.

"They put me at six, behind a guy named El Hijo Del Vikingo. Can you name me two El Hijo Del Vikingo matches? No. You can’t. I could go on and on. Everybody knows who the best is."

Additionally, the AEW World Champion took a shot at The Shield for occupying the top three spots as well.

"If you went on social media the day it got dropped, everybody was saying that either me or Cody Rhodes should have been one or two. I believe that they put those three guys up there. Those three guys are very talented. But nobody’s on the level of the devil. Everybody knows that." [H/T: Fightful]

It remains to be seen if MJF can prove that he's better than Roman Reigns, Jon Moxley and Seth Rollins. However, at 27, he still has a lot of time to entrench himself in wrestling history.

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