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Could The House of Black expell Malakai?

The House of Black must kick Malakai Black out of their stable if former WWE Champion joins AEW

AEW stable The House of Black has become one of the most dominant groups in the promotion, with three of its members currently reigning as the Trios Champions. But if Bray Wyatt finds his way into the promotion, they could be better off swapping Malakai for Wyatt as their de-facto leader.

Wyatt's current WWE status has been up in the air ever since reports claimed that he's been "ill" and could potentially miss out on WrestleMania 39. Despite the claims, there's still no indication that he could be leaving the promotion, but his previous issues with WWE have led many to believe that he's stepped away.


If Bray Wyatt ends up leaving WWE, he'd likely jump over to AEW, where he could be offered immense creative freedom. Due to his habit of having dark supernatural characters, he'd undoubtedly be a good fit for The House of Black, but his enigmatic presence would easily push Malakai out.

What if Bray Wyatt debuts in #AEW as the newest member of House of Black anytime soon? How would you react?


According to reports, Wyatt is in fact simply ill and has been missing shows as he's been recovering. However, as reported by Dave Meltzer, he received no answers when inquiring if Bray was happy in WWE or not.

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Malakai Black claims that his character work is better in AEW and that he has more freedom than he had in WWE

Malakai Black's AEW status was once up in the air when the star shockingly stepped away from in-ring competition. For quite some time, many speculated that he could be the one to jump to WWE, but that never materialized.

There was talk in WWE of Malakai Black being part of Bray Wyatt’s new group.


During an interview with HardLore Stories, Black spoke about the process behind his ideas in All Elite Wrestling and how much freer he is in the promotion.

“I want people to always understand that there is my ideas, there’s Tony’s input, and there’s QT’s input, and together we make… happen what we want to happen. And I’m very happy with that. And it’s definitely allowed me to be me more than I’ve ever been allowed to be myself, especially on the main roster for WWE.” [01:25:04 - 01:25:28]

If Bray Wyatt were to somehow make his way into AEW, he would surely come clashing with Malakai Black. The two would arguably have one of the best feuds based on their ring psychology. While that may seem unlikely, fans will simply have to wait and see.

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