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anime characters with December birthdays and their stories (Image via MAPPA).

10 anime characters with December birthdays

Anime characters with December birthdays are a perfect topic for this month as the holidays are just around the corner, making it a great occasion to talk about some of these characters. Some may vary from others, and some are more complex and layered than others, but all of them have left a positive mark in their respective series.

It is also worth pointing out that this list of anime characters with December birthdays is not ranked. This is simply a way to talk about this special month and to share some insights about these amazing characters and why they are so beloved in their respective fandoms.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for these anime characters with December birthdays.

Saturo Gojo and nine other anime characters with December birthdays


1) Satoru Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen) - December 7

Probably the most popular among anime characters with December birthdays (Image via MAPPA).

When it comes to anime characters with December birthdays, there is a very strong argument that Jujutsu Kaisen's Satoru Gojo is the most popular one, at least at the moment. He is not only part of the most popular anime series at the moment but his looks, his charisma, and abilities make him a very endearing and beloved character to a lot of people.

Part of Gojo's appeal is also by the way he is constructed in the series. He is the world's strongest sorcerer and the majority of points in the plot are based on how to deal with him on that front. However, there is also this fascinating contradiction with Gojo in the sense he can't do everything on his own and that, ultimately, ends up costing Jujutsu society in the long term.

2) Nezuko Kamado (Demon Slayer) - December 28

Another popular one among anime characters with December birthdays (Image via Ufotable).

Nezuko is another inclusion on this list of anime characters with December birthdays and her popularity speaks for herself. In many ways, Nezuko has become the face of Demon Slayer and is one of the main driving forces in the plot, mainly as she is her brother Tanjiro's motivation across the story.


She was turned into a demon when the main villain of the story, Muzan, murdered the entire Kamado family bar her and Tanjiro. While she has struggled with her urges to eat human flesh, she has been on Demon Slayer Corp's side for the entire story, and she also has a strong connection with her brother.

3) Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan) - December 25

Arguably Attack on Titan's most popular character (Image via MAPPA).

There is an argument to be made that Levi Ackerman could give Satoru Gojo a run for his money when it comes to the most popular among anime characters with December birthdays. However, regardless of who is the most popular, there is no denying that Levi is certainly beloved and there are a lot of valid arguments for that.

He is not only humanity's strongest soldier but he also has steel-like determination, is a true badass, and has no qualms about making difficult decisions when push comes to shove. Considering how tough the world of Attack on Titan is, it's good that someone like Levi is on humanity's side.

4) Lelouch vi Britannia (Code Geass) - December 5

A phenomenal character and a very well-written one at that (Image via Sunrise).

Not only the protagonist of the amazing Code Geass is a very well-crafted character on his own but he is also part of this list of anime characters with December birthdays. Lelouch is very charismatic, very complex, and a very analytical individual and strategist, which is why he is so beloved by fans of the series and anime fans in general.

Another great element of his character is how he breaks the antihero conventions and his manipulation skills are often used for the greater good. Yes, he can be selfish at times and malicious at others but he often focused on doing so for the greater good, which is something that deserves a lot of praise.

5) Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul) - December 20

A character misrepresented in his anime (Image via Studio Pierrot).

The sad part about Kaneki, especially when compared to the rest of these anime characters with December birthdays, is the fact that the anime adaptation by Studio Pierrot did him a massive disservice. The mid-2010s anime adaptation, especially its infamous second season, basically damaged the character's public perception and hasn't recovered ever since.

It is a shame because the Tokyo Ghoul manga is phenomenal and Kaneki is a very good protagonist of his own right. This is especially so considering all the stuff he went through in the series, and how his character allows him to overcome his Ghoul side and even live a good life in the end. Hopefully, the time comes when there is a new anime of the series and does justice to Kaneki and the entirety of the source material.

6) Ulquiorra Cifer (Bleach) - December 1

Another popular choice among anime characters with December birthdays (Image via Studio Pierrot).

It's hard to imagine someone like Ulquiorra having a birthday like regular human beings but the fourth Espada's birthday is the first of December. It is always a good way to remember one of Bleach's most popular characters. Anime characters with December birthdays rarely get more popular than Ulquiorra and there are a lot of reasons to explain why he is so beloved.

Ulquiorra is not only a very powerful Arrancar, arguably the strongest in the series, but his personality, character design, and the themes author Tite Kubo explored through him about the human heart are quite marvelous. His fight with Ichigo Kurosaki in Las Noches is perhaps the most iconic battle in the series and anime as a whole.

7) Misa Amane (Death Note) - December 25

An interesting character in the Death Note universe (Image via Madhouse).

Another choice among anime characters with December birthdays and a very divisive one at that. There are a lot of Death Note fans who claim that Misa wasn't very useful to Light Yagami and that she was more of a hindrance to the latter's plans, which is simply not true.

While is true that Misa's extremely extroverted personality could be viewed as spoiled and entitled, she also played a pivotal role in Light's success in large portions of the series. While she was also somewhat involved in his downfall, she was also deeply manipulated by Light.

8) Tony Tony Chopper (One Piece) - December 24

A fan-favorite among anime characters with December birthdays (Image via Toei Animation).

While there are anime characters with December birthdays on this list who perhaps are more popular, no one is as endearing and adorable as One Piece's Chopper. The Straw Hats' doctor is a very wholesome and kind person, always willing to help others and someone who hasn't allowed the bad things that happened in his life to taint his heart.

Perhaps the only major criticism that could be given to Chopper's character is the fact that the author, Eiichiro Oda, hasn't used him a lot during large portions of the story. Chopper has often been relegated in the most recent arcs to be a side character, which is a shame because he is very loved and has a lot of potential for great stories.

9) Eri (My Hero Academia) - December 21

A very beloved character in My Hero Academia (Image via Bones).

Eri was the driving force in one of My Hero Academia's best arcs, the Overhaul saga, and she is fairly beloved by the fandom. Despite her young age, she had to go through a lot of things, mainly being experimented on and abused by Overhaul, which is why everyone was happy when she got her smile back.

She was also a major inspiration and motivation for the characters of Deku and Mirio as they wanted to save her, both physically and mentally. Eri had been broken by Overhaul and they made it their mission to make her happy once again, which is another why she is so beloved by the fandom.

10) Hinata Hyuga (Naruto/Boruto) - December 27

Very well-known among anime characters with December birthdays (Image via Studio Pierrot).

Hinata Hyuga is not only one of those anime characters with December birthdays but also one of the most divisive characters in Naruto and Boruto. A lot of people have mentioned that her entire story is centered around her interest in Naruto and not having goals or dreams of her own, which becomes a lot more prominent in the sequel where she maintains a very secondary role.

It's a shame because Hinata had all the elements to be a very cool and interesting character, especially considering the fact she was a Hyuga. In fact, she was also going to be the head of the Hyuga clan, which is a story point that author Masashi Kishimoto probably forgot about and didn't do his character any favors.

Final thoughts

There are a lot more anime characters with December birthdays and some of them probably deserved a place on this list but is also worth pointing out that this list was entirely subjective. The most important part is to enjoy these series, much like enjoying the holidays this month.


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