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Golden Frieza as seen in the anime (Image via Toei Animation)

10 most arrogant characters in Dragon Ball, ranked

Arrogance is usually accompanied by strength. In the Dragon Ball universe, those who believe themselves to be the strongest are usually in a category of their own when it comes to their level of arrogance.

From galactic emperors who have not trained for a day in their lives to bio-Androids with a perfection complex, this list will rank the characters who believe their hype a bit too much in the Dragon Ball series.


Note: This list is based on the author’s opinions and will contain spoilers from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, and Dragon Ball GT.

Dragon Ball’s dangerous levels of arrogance


10) Mr. Satan


Let us begin with someone who quickly learned his lesson. Mr. Satan is a legitimate World Champion and is a strong man, but there is only so much an average human can do against Androids sent from the future to become perfect.

Mr. Satan is not even Earth’s strongest human, but his arrogance and fans almost kill him. After his fight with Cell ended in just one hit, Mr. Satan understands he is out of his league, although that does not prevent him from coming up with some lies to save face.

His arrogance has never been completely erased, but now, it is more a character he plays for his fans.


9) Gotenks

What happens when you take two martial arts prodigies and fuse them? A being with the arrogance of Gotenks is born.


To be fair, Gotenks is low on the list because of his age, Goten being seven and Trunks eight. Most children are ignorant of their limits, and Gotenks is no exception.

His fight against Buu was the wake-up call Gotenks needed to let go a bit of his arrogant nature, understanding his mistakes in being overconfident in himself. But that does not mean he is humble, as his Saiyan genes make that almost impossible.

8) Ultimate Gohan


Gohan’s latent power has always been a topic of interest since his childhood. His personality shifted from a meek and respectful kid to an anger-filled battle machine when anger took over him. His battle with Cell showed us the level of arrogance he was capable of.

Gohan tried to be humble during his late teen years and not let his strength get to his head. Unfortunately, Buu arrived. When Gohan got his Ultimate form, he was perceived as the strongest of all Z warriors, and he allowed that fact to cloud his mind, allowing Buu to defeat him even in his most powerful state.

7) Vegito


Again, if you are looking for humility, a fusion between two Saiyans will never be the answer. Inheriting Goku’s tendency to extend fights and Vegeta’s arrogance, Vegito is a combination of the worst traits in both Saiyans.

Even though he is more potent than most and could be capable of defeating almost any opponent, his cockiness overtakes him in a fight.

While Gogeta has both Saiyan’s traits, the knowledge of the time limit makes him take fights more seriously than his Potara counterpart. This is at least until GT, where he allows his arrogance to get the better of him and takes too much time against Shin Shenron.

Although we later found out that Potara was not permanent to mortals, Vegito allowed the false information to dictate his fights.

6) Jiren


Jiren is Universe 11’s strongest fighter and one of the mightiest opponents Goku has ever faced in the entirety of Dragon Ball. His arrogance is more than justified by his overwhelming power and combat skills. Still, even when he is excused from feeling confident in his abilities, in the end, this is his undoing.

Jiren’s arrogance goes beyond just self-confidence, getting to the point of outright insulting his partners when they lose, as he did with Toppo. As he later learned, teamwork is sometimes greater than pure strength alone, and we will have to wait to see how that affects him during his subsequent encounter with Goku.

5) Vegeta


Vegeta’s royalty status was a crutch to him during a substantial portion of Dragon Ball. His arrogance and jealousy over Goku’s power made him crave the satisfaction of overcoming his greatest rival.

That same need for the lead in power made him overconfident of a fault when facing opponents he considered inferior to him. There is no better example of this than his fight with Cell, where he allows him to absorb 18 to face against his perfect form, which defeats Vegeta with ease.

Vegeta later learned to accept that his royal beginnings mean nothing when it comes to strength, and though he made peace with that fact, he could never let go of the pride and arrogance that define him, but now he knows how to use them in his favor.

4) Beerus


When you can destroy a planet with a single finger, arrogance is something that will get to you eventually. Comfortable with his role as a God of Destruction and the fear he inflicts upon those who hear his name, Beerus is overconfident as few.

We later learn that his self-confidence can be damaged by opponents who exhibit power levels he is not used to fighting against, and he is genuinely afraid of Zeno. Beerus’ powers are a thing of legend, but even he can understand when he is out of his league.

3) Cell


Cell’s quest for perfection is over when he can absorb Android 18 and achieve his final form. His power in this form was something not even Vegeta in his Super form could face.

Cell’s enormous collection of DNAs from the galaxy’s most excellent gave him a vast amount of abilities and knowledge, which made him overly arrogant.

Even before his demise, Cell was confident that he would never lose, and if not for Vegeta, one of the people Cell held his power over more than others, he would have been right. But in the end, his inability to perceive those he considered a waste as a threat allowed Gohan to end him finally.

A perfect example of arrogance in Dragon Ball.

2) Zamasu


Zamasu’su confidence goes beyond his power. His mind convinced him somehow that his vision of the world was the only correct one and led him on a quest to erase all mortals from existence and have him as the ultimate god.

His different plans and misguided will to achieve his goal made him one of the worst adversaries our heroes have faced.

But even with all his plans and strength, Zamasu could not face the King of the multiverse. With just a simple touch, Zeno was able to destroy him and his entire timeline in a matter of seconds.

Zamasu’s arrogance was never going to be a problem for a being with the capacity to erase anything he wanted.

1) Frieza


When thinking about arrogance in the Dragon Ball universe, Frieza must come to mind. His belief in the inferiority of all other species led him to a conquest across the galaxy, and his dismissal of the Saiyan warriors facing him led to his death.

Even moments before his death, Frieza was trying to beat Goku, who had just defeated him, with the bit of energy his opponent gave to him.

After his resurrection, Frieza starts training for the first time, but even then, he is defeated. His inability to perceive his weaknesses is what gets him beaten most of the time.

Even when facing a being with the power of a God of Destruction during the Tournament of Power, Frieza laughs before losing. He is truly the most arrogant being in all of Dragon Ball.

These were our picks for the most arrogant characters in Dragon Ball. Do you agree? Who do you think should be on the list? Leave it down in the comments and follow us here at Sportskeeda Anime for the latest news and content about Dragon Ball.

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