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Gon powering up (Image via Viz Media)

10 best power systems in anime

Interesting abilities and techniques draw fans into the world of anime. Power systems are particularly important to anime that feature combat.

Providing parameters to the power systems that characters use allows viewers to understand more about the anime, and this article covers some great power systems in anime.


Note: This article reflects the opinion of the writer. This list is not in any particular order.

Ten power systems that are unmatched in anime


1) Nen - Hunter x Hunter

Hisoki emitting nen (Image via Viz Media)

Hunter x Hunter thrived as a popular anime long before introducing the power system of nen. An anime that was already popular, it boomed further once nen was explained.

Also known as "Mind Force", Hunters trained in the technique can manipulate their aura into six kinds of nen. They are Enhancement (strengthening of a person or object), Transmutation (altering the quality or aura of something), Conjuration (creation of objects), Specialization (unique, undefined techniques), Manipulation (taking control of living and nonliving things), and Emission (eject aura from the body).


2) Magic/Grimoire – Black Clover

Zagred using magic in Black Clover (Image via Viz Media)

Black Clover characters are heavily involved in magic. The power system in the anime revolves around magic and grimoires.


Magic is the manipulation of magic power to cast spells and perform functions. A grimoire is a powerful book that increases users' capabilities and provides them with specific spells.

3) Cursed Energy - Jujutsu Kaisen

Megumi emitting cursed energy (Image via MAPPA)

Jujutsu Kaisen utilizes a power system known as cursed energy. JJK characters manipulate the energy born of negative thoughts and emotions.

Sorcerers, curse users, and cursed spirits are able to control the flow of their cursed energy. From there on, they can use cursed energy to enhance their raw power or utilize unique cursed techniques.


Unlike the power systems in anime like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z, a Jujutsu Kaisen character's strength is not directly linked to the amount of energy they can conjure. Instead, true power lies in the application of cursed energy.

4) Jutsu & Chakra - Naruto & Boruto

A person's chakra (Image via Narutopedia)

One of the more intricate power systems is featured in the Naruto universe. Shinobi typically first learn to harness their chakra, or life force, for one of the main types of Jutsu, Taijutsu (the amplification of physical abilities).

Ninjas are later taught to manipulate that charka into one or both of the two main types of Jutsu: Ninjutsu (a wide-ranging category of charka-fueled techniques — this includes offensive, defensive, tactical, and healing abilities) and Genjustsu (the trapping of opponents within sensory illusions).

5) Quirks - My Hero Academia

Deku using his quirk (Image via Viz Media)

The power system in My Hero Academia is built around unique abilities known as quirks. In nearly every instance, a person is born with a quirk.

This episode displayed how chaotic a 4v4 quirk battle is and I think Haruka Iida's sequence portrayed it the best
6:38 AM · Apr 24, 2021

However, there are quirks that enable the transfer of a quirk between parties. These unique quirks range from overpowered to useless.

6) Alchemy - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Alchemy being used in the anime (Image via Funimation)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood features an intriguing power system. Alchemy is an ancient science in which an alchemist manipulates and changes matter. This practice is called Transmutation and can be broken down into three parts.

The first is comprehension (a deep understanding of the matter to be transmuted), followed by deconstruction (breaking down the matter). It is completed with reconstruction (converting the matter into a new form).

Alchemy is only achievable for those who obtain a vast knowledge of chemistry. But familiarity alone doesn't guarantee success. To be an alchemist, one must also possess innate skills in identifying and interacting with matter.

7) Devil Fruit & Haki - One Piece

Luffy eating the Gum-Gum fruit (Image via Viz Media)

One Piece has a vast power system involving various types of abilities. Many characters derive powerful capabilities from consuming the mythical devil fruit. However, that doesn't necessarily take non-devil fruit users out of the equation.

Haki is a three-fold power system that can be developed by characters regardless of whether they have eaten a devil-fruit or not. Instead, it is based on capabilities cultivated by characters as well as their innate strength.

8) Breathing Style - Demon Slayer

Tanjiro using his breathing style in battle (Image via Viz Media)

Swordsmen in Demon Slayer use a power system called Breathing Style. Most Breathing Styles are derived from an element of nature. These techniques enhance the user's physical and mental capabilities.


Additionally, Breathing Styles can increase a user's attack range and slow down injury.

9) Charyeok - The God Of High School

Jegal using Charyeok (Image via MAPPA)

The God Of High School is a fighting anime that uses a power system called Charyeok. Translated as "Borrowing Power", GOH characters enter into a supernatural contract with a deity. Through this divine encounter, a human can employ a portion of the deity's celestial power.

Characters in the anime do not require Charyeok to become strong. Rather, only the strongest humans are able to make divine contact and inherit godly abilities.

10) Ki - Dragon Ball Z

Goku's immense Ki (Image via Toei Animation)

Dragon Ball fans are very familiar with the power system used throughout the series. Ki, also known as chi, means energy or life force.

Characters in the Z universe undergo strenuous physical training and sometimes transformations to grow their strength. The amount of ki a character has is directly related to their perceived strength.

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