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Madara Uchiha was one of the most feared characters in Naruto (Image via Pierrot)

10 characters everyone in the Narutoverse feared

The Naruto series has many characters capable of instilling fear in others with a glare or even just their presence. These characters are all incredibly powerful and are some of the strongest characters in the series. Many villains are feared due to the destruction they have caused or the immense amount of people they have killed. They use their evil nature to make everyone fear them.

Even though this list is about the most feared characters, it is not only villains who make everyone fear for their lives whenever they appear in a fight. Some of the good guys were terrifying as well. They used their combat instincts, techniques, and strength to overwhelm their enemies and protect their village. They made sure to instill fear into the hearts of their enemies to make sure nobody would target their homes again.


Here is a list of 10 characters in either Naruto or Boruto that everyone has feared at some point in time.

Note: This list is unranked and reflects only the author's opinion. It also contains massive spoilers for both the Naruto and Boruto anime and manga.


10 of the most feared characters in both Naruto and Boruto


1) Eida

Eida is easily one of the most feared characters right now. She is a cyborg Amado modified to be stronger than even Isshiki Otsutsuki. However, Isshiki ordered her and her younger brother Daemon to be disposed of so his authority was not challenged. Instead, they were both saved by Boro and kept in a secret location until Code finally reactivated them.


Eida has two powerful abilities. The first is a new dojutsu known as the Senrigan. Her special eye allows Eida to see any events occurring in the present and events in the past up until her birth. At the same time, she is unable to view inside someone's mind or other dimensions.

Her second ability is a passive ability and is what causes many characters to fear getting near her. The ability allows her to charm everyone around her besides family members and the Otsutsuki. She has no control over it and it causes those caught in it to be unable to attack her, and if they try to fight its control, they will eventually receive brain damage. This insurmountable ability has made those who have only heard about her dread to even meet her.

2) Isshiki Otsutsuki


Isshiki Otsutsuki was the leader of Kara and the strongest Otsutsuki Clan member shown in the series so far. He was Kaguya's partner when they came to earth, but Kaguya ambushed him and almost killed him. He took refuge inside Jigen's body and has been residing in it ever since. After Jigen's body was burned to ash during his fight with Kashin Koji, Isshiki's original body finally made an appearance.

Isshiki was ruthless and unrelenting. In search of the perfect vessel, he killed a large number of innocent kids. He transferred his karma to each child in hopes they would be compatible, but, unfortunately, they each died a painful and gruesome death.

Isshiki's dojutsu as it appears in the 'Boruto' anime (Image via Pierrot)

His fight with Naruto and Sasuke cemented him as one of the most feared characters in the series. He was able to single-handedly take them both down without much difficulty. He used his immense strength to easily smash through Sasuke's Susanoo and swiftly take down Naruto.

Isshiki also has a new dojutsu that has not been named yet, but it is still incredibly powerful. It allows him to perform Sukunahikona, an ability that can shrink him or non-living objects and restore them to their original size.

3) Kaguya Otsutsuki


Kaguya Otsutsuki was easily the most feared character in Naruto Shippuden. She was able to instill fear in every character that laid eyes upon her. Her main goal was to cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi upon the entire world so she could create another chakra fruit and reclaim all of her chakra.

As the mother of both Hagoromo and Hamura and the original Ten-Tails Jinchuriki, she had a very diverse skill set that would have allowed her to complete this destructive goal.


Her most famous ability was Amenominaka. This was a Rinne Sharingan technique that allowed the user to change the dimension surrounding everyone in a certain radius. Kaguya used this ability during her fight with Team Seven to almost drop them in a pool of lava, freeze them in blocks of ice, strand Sasuke in a desert, and much more.

She was also able to use the Expansive Truthseeker Orb. This is a Jutsu that combines the five basic Nature Types as well as the Yin-Yang Release. It works just like a regular Truthseeker Orb in that it will obliterate anything it comes in contact with. However, this specific technique forms a Truthseeker Orb that will continue to expand for however long Kaguya wills it. This could have, theoretically, erased the entire Naruto universe and everyone in it as well.

4) Madara Uchiha


Madara Uchiha was the leader of the Uchiha Clan during the creation of Konoha and Hashirama's greatest rival. For years, he was the only person strong enough to go up against Hashirama's amazing strength. After losing against Hashirama in their final battle at the Valley of the End, he disappeared and went into hiding. It was later revealed that he manipulated Obito for much of the series and made him do his bidding.

Madara is a master of many fighting styles. After he was reanimated, he was able to effortlessly massacre various members of the Shinobi Alliance using taijutsu, ninjutsu, kenjutsu, and genjutsu. After Madara came back to life by performing the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique and sacrificing Obito, he sealed the Ten-Tails inside of himself.

Becoming the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki made him more fearsome as he seemed to have all the power in the world. Team Seven struggled to stop him but had no success. They got incredibly lucky that Black Zetsu used Madara to bring back Kaguya. If they had to fight against the power and skill Madara had, it is very unlikely that they would have won.


5) Kurama

As the strongest of the Nine Tailed Beasts in Naruto, Kurama's power was sought after by everyone, but at the same time, he was also highly feared. After he rampaged through Konoha and left the village destroyed, every Konoha citizen and Shinobi became fearful of him. This fear towards Kurama quickly morphed into hate towards Naruto since he was Kurama's Jinchuriki.

Kurama forming a Tailed Beast bomb during his fight with Naruto in 'Naruto Shippuden' (Image via Pierrot)

Kurama's most common and powerful attack is the Tailed Beast bomb. He typically brings his mouth and the tips of his tails together and charges up chakra in the middle of them, forming a large sphere of chakra capable of obliterating almost anything in its path.

When Obito placed him under a Genjutsu, fans saw Kurama almost immediately create a Tailed Beast bomb. Kurama used this on Konoha when he rampaged in the village, destroying countless buildings and killing many Shinobi.

It makes sense that he is so feared by characters in Naruto even though he was not the main reason for the destruction that occurred. However, after befriending Naruto, others have come to realize that Kurama is not a bad guy and should not be feared.

6) The Ten-Tails

The Ten-Tails as it appears in 'Naruto Shippuden' (Image via Pierrot)

The Ten-Tails went on a rampage when it first appeared. It killed various members of the Shinobi Alliance and was the main subject of interest throughout the War arc and much of Kaguya's arc.

The Ten-Tails easily has the most chakra in the entire series. The amount of chakra the Ten-Tails has is so immense that it is stated to be immeasurable. Nobody in the entire series, not even Kurama, seems to have even come close to matching its complete chakra reserves. The Ten-Tails is also capable of completely dwarfing the other Tailed Beasts by its size. It was able to send Gyuki's Tailed Beast bomb and Gyuki himself flying with a single flick.

Like Kurama and the other Tailed Beasts, the Ten-Tails also has a Tailed Beast bomb. However, its bomb is many times larger and causes an explosion larger than the average nuke. If Minato had not teleported its attack away from the Alliance, everyone would have been annihilated in an instant. For its size and destructive capabilities, it makes sense that everyone feared it.


7) Orochimaru

Orochimaru in the series (Image via Pierrot)

Orochimaru was the first main villain introduced in Naruto. He was characterized as a heartless criminal who would do whatever it took to gain knowledge of the world. He often performed inhumane experiments on innocent people in hopes of successfully achieving immortality and various power-ups.

Sasuke stayed with Orochimaru for so long because he gave the best head. You see what his tongue could do? Lmao #Naruto #Sasuke #orochimaru #NarutoShippuden #TheMoreYouKnow #anime

After the original Naruto series, Orochimaru becomes a less essential villain but is still shown throughout the series. He seems to have finally obtained immortality and is now going about achieving his goal of learning everything about the world in a much more peaceful manner. However, stories of his misdeeds have spread to children in Boruto, causing more people to fear him even years later.


8) Minato Namikaze

Minato was a kind and caring individual, but he made sure his enemies did not see that side of him. Known as the Yellow Flash of Konoha, Minato was feared by everyone outside the village during the Third Great Ninja War.

His usage of the Flying Thunder God Jutsu allowed him to tag enemy Shinobi and then teleport to them whenever he wanted. This allowed him to easily sneak past enemy lines and ambush other Shinobi effectively. He was also able to dodge various attacks by teleporting away.

Minato holding one of his special kunai in 'Naruto Shippuden' (Image via Pierrot)

Due to his mastery of the Flying Thunder God Jutsu, the leaders of Iwagakure gave him a flee on sight order. Whenever Iwagakure forces even saw Minato from a distance, they were instructed to get out of that area as quickly as possible.

9) Obito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha was once a happy-go-lucky individual. After becoming a genin and joining Team Minato, the right side of his body was crushed by a large boulder during a mission.

As he lay dying, Madara found him and brought him back to full health using a White Zetsu body. Madara ended up inserting the seeds of deception into Obito's mind, successfully manipulating him into hating Konoha and doing his dirty work.


However, it was only after Obito witnessed Rin's death that he became incredibly fearsome. In the GIF above, Obito is seen killing about four members of the Kirigakure Anbu. This is only part of the entire scene that features Obito slaughtering perhaps 20 to 30 Kirigakure Anbu. This moment is considered by fans to be the bloodiest scene in the anime.

Obito went on to impersonate Madara Uchiha and cause Kurama to rampage throughout Konoha, killing Minato and Kushina. He also worked with Madara to commence the Fourth Great Ninja War and kill countless people. Although Obito became one of the good guys before he died, he was still a highly feared Shinobi.

10) Hashirama Senju

Revered as the God of Shinobi, Hashirama's monstrous power has made many of his enemies fearful of him. In his prime, nobody was able to defeat him in battle. Even Madara Uchiha lost to him, solidifying Hashirama's position as the strongest Shinobi at the time.

Hashirama learning that Tsunade was the 5th Hokage in 'Naruto Shippuden' (Image via Pierrot)

Like Minato, Hashirama is kind and caring to those in Konoha but does a complete 180 against enemies. During the First and Second Great Ninja Wars, everyone in the enemy villages feared Hashirama for his masterful use of Wood Release and seemingly bottomless chakra reserves.

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