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Gaara's Shield of Sand (Image via Pierrot)

10 defensive jutsus in Naruto, ranked

Naruto features a wide variety of chakra-based abilities known as jutsu. Many fans have a list of favorite attacks that they'd like to perform themselves. However, what if you're staring down an incoming jutsu?

Sometimes, the best offense is a good defense. If a ninja completely shuts down their opponent's attack, it can drain the enemy of their chakra and confidence.


Disclaimer: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinion.

Ranking the 10 most formidable defensive jutsus in Naruto


10) Eight Trigrams Palms: Revolving Heaven

*Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven* dismissing all the foolishness around me.
10:47 AM · Oct 6, 2018

This secret Naruto taijutsu technique was traditionally inherited only by the head of the Hyūga clan's main family. It was designed to compensate for the blind spot of the Byakugan.

The moment before a Hyūga is struck, they emit chakra from all over their body. Spinning while doing this allows them to repel anything in range, forming a protective shield for the duration that they remain spinning. The only way to counter the Eight Trigrams technique is to prevent the user from spinning.

Despite the exclusive handling of this technique in Naruto, Neji was able to learn and use the move through observation alone.


9) Wood Release

Hashirama used Wood Release (Image via Pierrot)

Wood Release is a rare kekkai genkai that is best known to be used by the First Hokage in Naruto, Hashirama. The defensive utility of this technique lies in two jutsus specific to this release.

Wood Release: Hōbi Technique creates a giant domelike shield strong enough to withstand a Tailed Beast attack.

Wood Release: World of Trees Wall sprouts a huge shield composed of thick interlocking trees.

8) Summoning: Rashōmon

Triple Rashōmon (Image via Pierrot)

This is a summoning jutsu that spawns a huge gate used as protection against incoming attacks. There are variations of this technique that summon an increasing number of gates.

This defensive jutsu was famously used by the First Hokage. In his fight against Madara, Hashirama was able to deflect even a biju bomb using the five-gate version of this technique.

7) Shinra Tensei

Pain using Shinra Tensei (Image via Pierrot)

Shinra Tensei is one of the most powerful jutsu in Naruto. The technique was used both offensively and defensively by Pain and later by Sasuke. As a protective measure, the jutsu can be activated to repel attacks aimed at the user.

The force from Shinra Tensei can even disperse attacks like Amaterasu. The drawback of this technique is that it cannot be used continuously, requiring the user to wait between each use.

6) Izanagi

Izanagi and Izanami (Image via Pierrot)

The Izanagi is a complex ocular jutsu that allows the user to temporarily gain control over reality. Sharingan users who have learned this technique can use it to eliminate a reality in which they were injured or killed.

Although this jutsu seems extremely overpowered, using it comes at a huge cost. In exchange for using Izanagi, the user will go blind in the eye used to cast the technique.

Danzo had multiple Sharingan implanted in his body to allow him elongated use of this jutsu.

5) Susano'o

Sasuke's Perfect Susano'o (Image via Pierrot)

The Susano'o is a gigantic, humanoid avatar made up of the user's chakra. It surrounds and defends the user.

The Susano'o has been used by many generations of Uchiha Clan members. This is the most powerful ability that can be used by those who have awakened the Mangekyō Sharingan in both eyes.

The Susano'o is one of the most versatile defensive jutsus in Naruto. It is effective as a defensive technique that blocks incoming attacks. Additionally, jutsu cast by the user from inside the protective shell can pass through to the outside without issue.

The Susano'o manifested by Itachi is even equipped with the Yata Mirror. It is a shield composed of all five nature transformations in Naruto, enabling it to nullify virtually any incoming attack.

4) Flying Raijin Jutsu

Minato using Flying Raijin Jutsu to dodge the Raikage (Image via Pierrot)

You can't damage someone you can't hit, and it's hard to strike a target that can teleport. The jutsu that earned the Fourth Hokage his nickname, "Konoha's Yellow Flash," allowed him to move unpredictably. By entering a dimensional void, the user can instantly teleport to any marked location.

Minato used special kunai that he would mark in advance to make the most of this technique. By scattering these kunai around the battlefield or giving them to allies to hold, Naruto's Yellow Flash always had many locations to leap to in combat.

Users of this jutsu can mark inanimate objects and living beings alike, making them even more unpredictable.

This jutsu was originally created by the Second Hokage and was modified by the Fourth Hokage.

3) Shield of Sand


Gaara's Shield of Sand moves autonomously, meaning that he doesn't have to put any effort into thinking about defense. The shield even reacts to threats that the Kazekage is unaware of.

It was speculated that Gaara's tailed beast, Shukaku, was the one controlling the sand defense. However, it was revealed in Naruto that it is the undying power of Gaara's late mother's love that protects him.

The sand is very difficult to penetrate. However, if an attack breaks through the wall and threatens Gaara, the sand can form a layer over his skin to provide additional protection.

2) Truth-Seeking Balls


Truth-Seeking Balls are orbs of flexible chakra. Users can modify the form and characteristics of each orb in multiple ways.

Only those who have awakened Six Paths Senjutsu or have entered Tenseigan Chakra Mode are able to wield this jutsu. When the orbs are infused with a specific Yin-Yang Release, they gain a property that nullifies any ninjutsu that they come into contact with.

This powerful technique can be used both offensively and defensively. Due to the malleable nature of the Truth-Seeking Balls, they can be flexed into a fully protective jutsu-nullifying shield. You don't want to try to break through that shield with brute force. The orbs can be used to instantly turn anything they touch into dust.

Naruto, Obito, and Madara are some of the few characters who are able to use this technique.

1) Kamui

I’m having one of those days. Just wanna do like Tobi and disappear from all kinds of responsibilities.
6:43 AM · Jun 11, 2018

The best defensive technique is to simply be untouchable. Kamui is a Mangeyko Sharingan technique first utilized in Naruto by Obito and later by Kakashi. The ocular jutsu allows the user to transport a target through space and time into another dimension.

Obito used this technique multiple times to make it appear that attacks were passing right through his body. This jutsu is extremely difficult for Naruto characters to figure out because the chakra of targets that enter Kamui's dimension is undetectable and untraceable.

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