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Demon Slayer has a few secrets of its own (Image via Viz Media)

10 details everyone often misses in Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is a very popular series. Although the manga is finished at this point, the anime is still running, and fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of its next installment.

Over the years, eagle-eyed fans have spotted miniscule details that the creators have hidden in different episodes. In fact, despite being hidden in plain sight, many people often overlook these details. That said, here are ten details that people often miss in Demon Slayer.


Note: This article contains spoilers.

10 details people often fail to notice in Demon Slayer


10) Tanjiro's earrings


Tanjiro wears a special set of earrings known as Hanafuda earrings. No one really knows how their family comes across them, but there is a chance that his father, Tanjuro Kamado, passes it down to him alongside the Hinokami Kagura dance.

While there is nothing special about these earrings, they evoke a sense of fear in Muzan. The Lord of Demons only has one major enemy, Yoriichi Tsugikuni, who wears these same earrings. There was a time when Muzan went into hiding because of him, emphasizing his fear of the latter.


9) Nezuko's Power


Nezuko isn't a regular demon. Although most demons are driven by their lust for human flesh, Nezuko, on numerous occasions, has proven that she can easily resist human flesh. In fact, she is deliberately hurt by Sanemi, who then cuts his hand in a bid to lure her.

Nezuko defies her demon instincts and refuses to attack Sanemi, thereby proving that she is a cut above the other demons. Moreover, unlike every other demon, Nezuko sleeps for prolonged periods to make up for her hunger, and is an asset to Tanjiro in his conquests.

8) Muzan hates being called pale or dead


Muzan is the most powerful demon in the entire series, and is responsible for creating all demons. For someone who considers himself to be perfect, it is natural that he will hate being called pale or dead.

This is established quite early on. When Muzan first sees Tanjiro, he bumps into three drunkards as well. He is okay with letting them go, but one of them makes the mistake of calling him pale. Muzan, in a fit of rage, proceeds to kill the three with no remorse.

7) Yoriichi Tsugikuni is not given a lot of importance


Yoriichi Tsugikuni is a very important character in Demon Slayer. As an individual who knows the Sun Breathing technique, Yoriichi could have been a pillar of the series. However, he is not given a lot of importance.

Despite being able to wield such a powerful technique, he is not a part of the Hashira. Although he does work with them for a brief period, he is looked down upon since Muzan turned his brother into a demon.

6) The Blue Spider Lily remains elusive forever


The Blue Spider Lily is a mythical flower in Demon Slayer. Throughout the series, Muzan desperately wants to get his hands on the item as he believes it will allow him to walk in the sun.

Muzan creates a lot of demons and assigns his best associates the task of locating it. However, no one can ever find this flower. In the final chapter of the series, an individual known as Aoba Hashibira finally finds the Blue Spider Lily, proving its existence.

But whether it can make demons immune to sunlight is still unknown, because no one ever gets the chance to experiment with it in Demon Slayer.

5) The Kamado family might have been associated with Sun Breathing for a long time


Although he is a coal burner, Tanjuro Kamado might be associated with the Demon Slayer Corps in some capacity.

Despite being weak and sickly, he can perform the Hinokami Kagura perfectly, and passes the knowledge down to his son. A family not associated with Sun Breathing would find it difficult to master this technique, but Tanjiro's expertise shows that the Kamado family could have had Sun Breathers in the family tree.

Nezuko's Demon Blood Art is also based on fire, further solidifying the Sun Breather theory.

4) Not all demons can join the 12 Kizuki


Only a specific set of demons can be a part of the 12 Kizuki in Demon Slayer. To create a demon, Muzan shares some of his blood with them. As the demon progresses and shows potential for growth, Muzan shares even more of his blood, making them stronger. The strongest of the lot join the ranks of the 12 Kizuki.

However, if one of the 12 Kizuki stops growing and reaches their potential, they are demoted and stripped of their ranks.

This point was made clear with the introduction of Kyogai, one of the first demons that Tanjiro and his friends encounter in the series. Kyogai was once a Lower Moon 6 but Muzan removes him after he reaches his potential.

3) Shinobu is the only Demon Slayer without a mark


Kocho Shinobu, the Insect Hashira, is the only Demon Slayer without a mark. Tanjiro's mark slowly spread onto the other powerful Hashiras, but it did not spread to Shinobu.

Although she is shown to be strong, her power levels are way below her fellow slayers. Moreover, she does not meet the requirements for the mark.

For a mark to spread onto a person, a slayer will have to survive a heart rate of 220 bpm and a body temperature of 102 degrees Fahrenheit; Shinobu cannot meet either of these requirements.

2) Sanemi Shinazugawa's blood is very potent


Sanemi is one of the strongest Hashiras in the series. In fact, he is probably one of the most unique Hashiras to have existed, being the only Hashira who also happens to be a marechi in Demon Slayer.

Marechi is a term used for individuals who have a blood type that can intoxicate demons. Sanemi uses this to his advantage during his fight against Kokushibo, the strongest of all the Kizuki. The fact that his blood was able to affect Kokushibo as well shows how potent his blood really is.

1) Tanjiro's scar is his Demon Slayer mark


Tanjiro's receives his trademark scar while protecting his brother from a burning brazier. Later on, during the Demon Slayer examination, Tanjiro is hit by the Hand Demon, breaking his warding mask.

As the warding mask breaks, Tanjiro is seen with a fresh wound over the scar. When this wound finally heals, it changes shape and turns into the scar that is finally seen in the series.

Eventually, this scar changes into a Demon Slayer mark. Thanks to this mark, Tanjiro's physical capabilities are boosted, making him stronger than before.

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