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Goku and Vegeta as seen in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. (Image via Toei Animation)

10 Dragon Ball heroes who would make terrifying villains

While Dragon Ball’s core interpersonal themes celebrate putting differences aside and making amends when all is said and done, not every villain follows this path. Vegeta is arguably the most notable villain to eventually come to the Z Fighters side, early in Dragon Ball Z.

Yet were Vegeta to ever return to his old villainous ways, something fans got a taste of with Majin Vegeta, he’d indeed be terrifying. Wielding God-like powers such as Ultra Ego with criminal intent could have catastrophic consequences when unchecked. Here are ten Dragon Ball heroes who would make terrifying villains.


These ten Dragon Ball good guys would be downright scary as antagonists

1) Vegeta

Ultra Ego Vegeta. (Image via OtakuArt)

While Vegeta was undoubtedly a villain at one point, he eventually warms up to Earth and the Z Fighters, choosing to join their side. Thankfully, Vegeta’s growth as a fighter comes once he’s on the Z Fighters side and not against.


Had Vegeta somehow found a way to still learn Super Saiyan Blue and Ultra Ego as a villain, he’d be nearly unbeatable to most of the franchise’s cast.

2) Goku

Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku as seen in the Dragon Ball Super anime. (Image via Toei Animation)

Even scarier than the current Vegeta as a villain would be Dragon Ball Super’s current Goku as a villain. Having honed his Mastered Ultra Instinct throughout the Moro arc, Goku now has even more control and power with the form than he did previously.

While Granolah and Gas can both stop Goku in his current form, these are likely the only two mortals currently in Dragon Ball who could do so. This further emphasizes the terrifying stature Goku would carry as a villain.

3) Broly

Broly seen powering up during the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie. (Image via Toei Animation)

While Broly wasn’t explicitly a hero during the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, it’s hard to say he was indeed a villain as well. Broly was doing what his father commanded initially and eventually lost control of himself to the Legendary Super Saiyan power.

Broly’s lack of control over his powers opens the door for wanton and unprejudiced destruction of innocent cities and people. Furthermore, it took a Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta to defeat Broly, meaning anything short of an Ultra Instinct Goku would likely be unable to beat Broly.

4) Beerus

Beerus as seen in the Dragon Ball Super anime. (Image via Toei Animation)

Were Beerus truly villainous, there’d be essentially no one besides Zeno or an Angel who could stop him. Furthermore, considering Zeno and the Angels seem not to take offense to such matters until it affects them directly, the two parties likely wouldn’t stop Beerus.

Although evil, Beerus would be smart enough not to attack the two people who could stop him, essentially leading to an unbeatable villain.

5) Teen Gohan

Super Saiyan 2 Teen Gohan as seen in the Dragon Ball Z anime. (Image via Toei Animation)

While Teen Gohan did show a sadistic side versus Cell, he didn’t exactly cross the border into the realm of fully evil. Had Gohan chosen to do so at the time, quite literally no one introduced in the series thus far would’ve been able to stop him.

Gohan was fighting Cell in the first place because he was stronger than all the other Z Fighters. Since Dragon Ball Z didn’t introduce concepts like Ultra Instinct and Gods of Destruction, no one would’ve been able to stop him at the time. As a result, Teen Gohan would undoubtedly be one of the most terrifying heroes-turned-villains.

6) Piccolo

Piccolo as seen during the Broly movie. (Image via Toei Animation)

Until the arrival of Perfect Cell, Piccolo is still somewhat relevant in terms of his strength and the contributions he can make during battle. While certainly not as strong as Goku or Vegeta, Piccolo is undoubtedly an above average Z Fighter in combat potential.

As a result, Piccolo would still be a valid threat for most of the series if he became a villain. You’d essentially need a Saiyan to stop him, as he outclasses Krillin and most humans for most, if not all, of the Dragon Ball franchise.

Although certainly not the most terrifying, a villainous Piccolo certainly causes problems.

7) Zeno

Zeno and Future Zeno as seen in the Super anime. (Image via Toei Animation)

While Zeno’s childish behavior and temperament may lead him to do somewhat villainous acts in Dragon Ball Super, Zeno certainly isn’t an outright villain. As strange as it may seem, blowing up planets for fun and blowing them up because you’re malicious are two different things.

However, if this weren’t the case, Zeno’s childish mannerisms and mindset would make for a terrifying villain.

As Omni-King, Zeno already has the power to erase Universes in a matter of moments. With that level of power, essentially no one can stop him, and Zeno would be free to intently rule with a villainous, iron fist.

8) Whis

Whis as seen in the Super anime. (Image via Toei Animation)

Like Beerus and Zeno, Whis is a being who the average mortal can’t defeat. Furthermore, Whis would likely defeat Beerus, considering his mastery of Autonomous Ultra Instinct and Beerus’ struggle with the form.

While Whis’ actual combat skills and style are unknown, he certainly has an interesting set of skills and abilities to use maliciously.

A significant example is his time rewind of up to three minutes, which can be long in a fight. Whis could rewind time as many times as he needed to until lining up the perfect shot with which to win, giving him essentially guaranteed victory as a villain in every fight.

9) Jiren

A full power Jiren as seen in the Super anime. (Image via Toei Animation)

As someone who survived several encounters with Goku in both Ultra Instinct and base form, Jiren would undoubtedly be a terrifying villain. Nearly no mortal would have a hope of beating him, and even some Gods of Destruction would lose against the mighty Pride Trooper.

Jiren’s incredible endurance also poses a problem should he become a villain. Even at the end of the Tournament of Power, knocking Jiren out took Goku, Android 17, and Frieza all working together. Jiren would certainly be one of the most terrifying Dragon Ball heroes as a villain.

10) Granolah

Granolah as seen in the Super manga. (Image via Shueisha Shonen Jump)

Considering Granolah is at the peak of power in the current Dragon Ball franchise, there’s no doubt the Cerealian would be a terrifying villain. Even before wishing to be the universe’s strongest, Granolah had exceptional combat and marksmanship skills.

Granolah has also had plenty of experience versus all kinds of enemies and situations through his bounty hunter work.

After wishing to become the universe’s strongest warrior, Granolah gets even more powerful and more techniques. The wish gives him access to Instant Transmission, one of Goku’s most powerful techniques when properly used or used in tandem with another ability.

Considering Granolah beat both Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta, he’s one of the most terrifying Dragon Ball heroes who could become a villain.

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